Jet bracelets for shielding, purification, and release

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These jet bracelets are as dark and beautiful as they are potent. If you or someone you love needs potent energetic healing, grounding, release, protection, or purification, this is the stone to do the job. It’s not a shiny, pretty, colorful stone to draw “oohs and ahhs.” Rather, this is a stone for the serious practitioner. Jet is the honey badger of the gemstone bracelets I’m offering – it doesn’t give a sh*t and it will get the energetic purification job done.

I believe in sacred adornment – in choosing your jewelry with care and intention. Which gems you select and why, on which day … these things matter. When we wear jewelry we invoke the elements and energies of the stones with which we adorn ourselves. I stack my gemstone bracelets and wear them every day, literally until they fall off. In my tradition, that’s how we know the ‘medicine’ of the gems has been worked.

Why adorn yourself with jet bracelets?

Do you find yourself in toxic environments every so often – gatherings, work places, situations where are you absorbing negative energy and just need something to create a buffer between you and those negative vibes? Jet has been doing this work metaphysically since our ancestors used it after a death or trauma to clear out bad juju. Jet is actually formed by the lithification of submerged petrified driftwood, and as such carries an ancient, organic, and protective vibration that is totally different from obsidian (which is volcanic glass) and tourmaline. Don’t confuse them. Jet is light as air but powerful as they come. And everyone needs a good piece of it in their purse, at their desk, or even in their car.

The amazing thing about these jet bracelets is that they works powerfully with your Root Chakra in order to aid in grounding, but simultaneously works energetically to purify all the chakras, which results in overall purification and healing of your energetic and auric bodies. You can also work with jet to raise your shakti and allow for some aspects of that fiery energy to be directed by the will.

I call this Pure Protection, though it’s much more than that. This is a very powerful piece of adornment you can wear every day. Adorn yourself, wise one, and feel these gifts come through your hands as you wear this beautiful piece. May it bless you as you wear it, always.

This listing is for one (1) jet bracelet, about 7″ in size and stretchy to fit just about any wrist. Yours will arrive lovingly gift wrapped, with a card describing the properties of jet along with one white sage leaf you can use to clear energies before working.



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