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The Clear Quartz Talisman and the Clear Quartz Power Pyramid will be shipped separately at a later date TBD, and may or may not arrive in time for class on 9 January.

The Sage Goddess Soul Shift Program is a year-long experience designed to accelerate spiritual transformation, activate personal potential, and improve energetic flow for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. The work we do here will teach you not only how to protect, ground, and clear your own energy field, it will teach you how to transform and use stored energy as fuel. And much like plants absorb carbon dioxide and transform it to life-giving oxygen, so too will you be able to take what is challenging you in your life and transform it into usable light. In true magic, nothing is wasted. What is not in usable form today must be transformed and then consumed in a new way. Most programs teach only how to clear and move energy, but not how to shift, transform, and use low vibrations as fuel for your development. That is what makes the Sage Goddess Soul Shift program unique. After this course, you will not wish to avoid or suppress any experiences in your life anymore. The Sage Goddess Soul Shift program will teach you more than a dozen techniques to transform energies in your life.

These Mesa tools accompany our 2019 Sage Goddess Soul Shift class. If you would like to join us, click here!


Intention is the guiding theme of January’s magical work, and it is the force that guides all we will create in the year ahead. All magic begins with an intention – the breath of hope that fuels growth, creation, and manifestation. Intention setting is the first and most important step in all magic. In January, aligned to the direction of North on the great Medicine Wheel, we walk to the water’s edge and gaze out over what appear to be endlessly stormy seas. This month, we are reminded that the fury of winter storms will eventually give way to the calm of spring and gentle breezes that signal the season of growth and optimism; we are not there yet, but we can feel the hope building within. Our guides for January are Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, and Ganesha, the Hindu god of obstacle removal. Ganesha is primed and ready to help us overcome perceived obstacles to our growth and will be a good guide for us as we explore our stories of how we think the year ahead will unfold. Ganesha reminds us gently but firmly that as we believe so we become.


Participants in the Sage Goddess Soul Shift program will learn to ‘work alongside’ rather than ‘use’ healing tools and deploy them as allies in their work. Each month a new Monthly Mesa will be available that combines all necessary tools, amulets, medicines, and craft materials for the month’s sessions. A mesa in the shamanic tradition is the word used to describe the shaman’s altar and the tools he or she uses to connect with the natural world as bridges between levels of consciousness. The mesa itself represents a magic carpet of sorts, a gathering place of energies that can shift consciousness to altered states of deeper awareness. The mesa also represents cosmic duality and the integration of divine masculine and divine feminine energies. The tools contained in a mesa are deeply sacred and should be treated with care. Mesas vary in use and form. For this program, the concept of a mesa is translated as a mobile altar complete with all the tools you need to do the work of the month.

The tools provided in the SG Monthly Mesa are gathered with intention and during the first session each month, participants will clear, bless, and dedicate their tools to the month’s work as part of the opening ceremony. The first tool in the Mesa is the manta or covering, which for this program will include art related to the theme of the month and will always include a design of a basic crystal grid that will be created together in class. Each month’s Mesa will include different tools chosen in meditation by me in alignment with the work to be done.

We have a very limited number of these kits available for purchase.

The tools in your January 2019 Sage Goddess Soul Shift: Full Ganesha Mesa Kit

The January Mesa comes with more than two dozen items, each listed below:

One (1) gemstone talisman (Pi stone pendant). This month’s talisman is made of quartz, bearing a symbol to represent the point of creation, the beginning, initiation, and conception. Wear your talisman to carry the intentions you set in January with you, wherever you go. This beautiful talisman will be a reminder of the work you are doing and connect your energy with mine and your classmates across space and time. This is your Hive tracker helping you track or remain connected to us whenever you feel the need to tap in to the collective.

One (1) 10 ml amber dropper bottle. You’re going to make your own perfume with me! This amber oil dropper will be used to blend your oils provided in this set, however you feel called. You’ll also receive one (1) blank, printed label for your bottle, so you can name it and claim it! This blend will be your dedicated perfume to work with this month and anytime in the future you do intention work. Blended with jojoba it will have a two-year minimum shelf life!

Three (3) drams of pure essential oils: Star anise stimulates the conscious mind, opening you up to the universe and your role in the greater plan. Blue chamomile has long been known for its calming, soothing, cooling effects. This essential oil has a rare ability to sedate without lingering depressive effects and produces a sense of wellbeing in all ages. If you want to invoke Ganesha’s blessings, blue chamomile is the herb to use. It invites the energies of Ganesha into your life with ease. Mogra attar, also known as Indian Jasmine or Arabian Jasmine, has been a sacred offering during Hindu ceremonies for centuries. Known for its uplifting, sensual vibrations, mogra attar empowers you to embrace expansive, transformative unconditional love, and your inner strength.

One (1) 6 oz Creation Intention Candle hand-poured with red soy wax and blended with the three essential oils listed above (star anise, blue chamomile, and mogra attar) allows you to extend your work with aromatherapy this year, incorporating color and scent through candle magic. In our Sage Goddess Soul Shift program, the fire element is perhaps the most important of all and we will work with energies of transformation in our candle workings this year.

One (1) 10 ml bottle of jojoba oil, for blending. Jojoba oil is frequently used as a carrier oil. Jojoba is extremely healing for human skin, mimicking the natural sebum on your skin’s surface. Ruled by both the moon and element of water, jojoba has life-giving and life-restoring properties perfect for our healing work this year.

Four (4) 1 oz herb pouches of motherwort, cedar berries, red sandalwood, and bay leaves. Motherwort has long been associated with immortality and spirituality. This herb promotes inner trust and confidence, and aids with overthinking and anxiety. Cedar berries are used to purify energy and remove negative attachments, heal your inner spirit, and attract good fortune. Red sandalwood is healing, grounding, and protective, and bay leaves bring luck, induce prophetic dreams, and protect against negativity.

One (1) clear quartz power pyramid grid centerpiece. Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal for healing and balance and the pyramid shape creates a practical energy conduit. Pyramids are especially powerful for gridding; you can place your other stones around it to charge them and amplify their magic.

Four (4) black kyanite grid stones. Black kyanite is one of the best crystals for healing, space clearing, and energetic protection. This gem wards off any and all energies that do not align with your Highest Good, calling in White Light to replace them. Black kyanite also never needs to be cleared, as it does not store frequencies or vibrations.

Two (2) tanzanite grid stones. Tanzanite is extremely beneficial in uniting the mind and heart. This gem assists you in receiving information from a more compassionate perspective while integrating your illuminated mind. Tanzanite represents the Third Eye Chakra in the Synergy 12, the most powerful configuration of crystals known today. Tanzanite is also considered more precious and rare than diamond.

Two (2) illusion sunstone grid stones. Illusion sunstone is incredibly rare! We’ve never offered this stone before. Illusion sunstone, also known as confetti sunstone, is mined only in Tanzania (and shares this fact with Tanzanite). It is also known to improve mood and dispel feelings of sadness or hopelessness, replacing them with positivity and joy.

Four (4) quartz point grid stones. Clear quartz is THE stone of magnification and intensification, which you can use to enhance the powers of other gems and tools, to seal and program intentions, and to hold sacred space.

One (1) medicine bundle square. We are providing you with a 12” square of Ganesha tapestry – these pieces were cut from one large tapestry that has been amplified with the intentions of this course and divided amongst each student. You will also receive one (1) sari silk ribbon to wrap your medicine bundle with. When we craft together, you are welcome to use the herbs and oils from this kit in your bundle. I will also advise you to go into meditation with Ganesha and see what other items he leads you to gather and include. Found objects and personal items will have the deepest resonance.

One (1) power piece – Ganesha bell with brass stand. The stand is about 6.75″ and comes with a bell that features Ganesha (about 2”). I hope you’ll keep this power piece on your mesa or altar space throughout the year. I’m going to talk to you about sound this year, and we’re going to be opening ceremony with our bell from now on! This is your gift – your bell, from me.

One (1) manta (about 24″x12″). “Manta” is the traditional word for altar cloth and we’re also calling it a mesa mat. This is a beautifully designed, custom altar cloth with a designated area for each of the 7 elements: North, South, East, West, Heart Center, Upper Realm, and Lower Realm. There is also a circle on top, which matches your gemstone talisman of the month. This manta was shown to me in journey and contains all the gentleness and strength of Ganesha.

*Unfortunately, because we have already discounted the kit for subscribers, no other discounts or sale codes can be applied.

This listing is for one (1) January 2019 Sage Goddess Soul Shift: Full Ganesha Mesa Kit. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a special parchment describing the properties of the stones.


Note: Please remove label before burning candle, always use a heatproof dish on a stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Warning: Essential oils are for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with skin. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. Consult your doctor before use on children, during pregnancy, while nursing or if using certain medications. May be flammable. The information provided is for educational use only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.
This product is intended for aromatherapy use. For all other uses, dilute in carrier oil. Store tightly closed and away from direct sunlight.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals – natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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Charge your tools with orgone energy on my custom Orgonite Charging Plate.

Anoint your crystals and gemstone jewelry with my SG Anointing Blend.

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