“It’s Only a Phase” Coasters for honoring the phases of the Moon

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We live in an ever-changing and ever-evolving Universe, and nothing stays the same – so go ahead, ride the wave, and trust the message of these “It’s Only a Phase” Coasters. These coasters are cute, fun, and multipurpose in their magic. Sturdy and beautifully crafted, these treasures can be used not only as coasters but also as charging plates for your crystals or candleholders. You can purchase one or buy a set of two for extra lunar magic! Each coaster features the phases of the moon and has the motto “It’s Only a Phase” engraved into it, reminding you that, like the moon, we are continually waxing and waning, emptying and becoming full again in a beautiful, endless cycle.

The deeper magic of these “It’s Only a Phase” Coasters

The moon is a deeply feminine symbol, and serves as the middle ground between the light of the sun and the darkness of night. When you incorporate one of these moon “It’s Only a Phase” coasters into your sacred space, you will celebrate Luna in all of her silver radiance and call in all of the enchanting, feminine magic she beholds. Allow yourself to be cradled in her protective, intuitive, and compassionate energy, which will heal you, soothe you, and ensure peaceful dreams.

The cycles the moon partakes in mirror the cycles of life: the new, the waxing, the full, the waning. As the moon fluctuates from phase to phase, so do we – and to me, there are few things more beautiful than this. When we work with and honor the moon and her enchanting dance, we surrender to the flow of the Universe, and come into alignment with All That Is.

This listing is for one (1) “It’s Only a Phase” Coaster. There are two options to choose from in this offering: one (1) “It’s Only a Phase” Coaster or a set of two (2). Please select from the drop-down menu the option that resonates with you. Your coaster(s) will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for work and display.


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