I Got This Almandine Garnet Spheres for empowerment, protection, and grounding


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You know you can do this, right? These I Got This Almandine Garnet Spheres will be your personal cheerleader, encouraging you to get through any obstacle with grit, determination, grounding, and support. These gorgeous almandine garnet spheres radiate potent healing energy in all directions – does it get any more wondrous than that? Garnet is both a protective and calming stone. It connects you to your body as it activates and strengthens your Root Chakra, bringing about overall wellness and vitality in the process. With these I Got This Almandine Garnet Spheres, you will walk with ease knowing beyond a doubt that you are anchored, supported, and loved by an all-knowing and supportive Universe!

The deeper magic of these I Got This Almandine Garnet Spheres

Garnet is a traveler’s stone. In fact, many discoverers and adventurers were known to wear garnet on their bodies for protection. This gemstone was thought of as a powerful talisman, capable of illuminating the night and repelling evil spirits. Further, garnet is said to spark romance, love, and passion. It also represents higher order emotions and offers incredible strength. It reminds women of our divine sexuality. If you often feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, and like you need to connect more deeply with the earth and your place on it, this is the stone for you.

These I Got This Almandine Garnet Spheres are powerful Root Chakra activators and will provide you with a wonderful sense of grounding, confidence, and trust. Meditate with these spheres, and you will feel your energy being pulled back to center, rooting itself firmly into the earth so you may walk this realm with confidence and strength. Incorporate one of these spheres in your sacred space, on your altar, on your desk, or at the center of a crystal grid to experience the potent magic of one of the most special stones that this earth has to offer. Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your new treasure when not in use.

This listing is for one (1) I Got This Almandine Garnet Sphere (about 1.5-2”). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.

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