Hummingbird: Spirit Animal Perfume for joy, beauty, and tapping into the sweet nectar within


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Spotting a hummingbird always sends me into a state of euphoric joy, curiosity, and wonder! These birds truly defy the odds. The hummingbird’s presence alone reminds us of the beautiful and fleeting nature of the dance of life. My newest scent, Hummingbird: Spirit Animal Perfume, was inspired by this mystical and sacred creature.

Much like the beloved beauty it is named after, my Hummingbird: Spirit Animal Perfume is sweet, delicate, and, in many ways, ethereal and eternal. Perfect for the spring season, this fragrance is laced with notes of gardenia, honeysuckle, and forget-me-not flower, and infused with a pink aventurine chip stone – for added creative inspiration, wellbeing, and Heart Chakra activation. Anoint your sacred temple whenever you need a reminder that the sweetest nectar is found within – which is one of the myriad messages the hummingbird brings.

The deeper magic of my Hummingbird: Spirit Animal Perfume

Did you know that the fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol? And that these birds are able to fly sideways and backwards? Their movement and how they weave in and out of our lives is symbolic of eternity, continuity, and infinity. A messenger of hope and jubilation, the hummingbird reminds us to forever seek out the beauty in each day, and to appreciate the good in life. My Hummingbird: Spirit Animal perfume is a lovely potion that will encourage you to do the same.

Blended using only the finest essential oils of gardenia, honeysuckle, and forget-me-not flowers, this perfume supports the messages of joy, vitality, and energy that the hummingbird is symbolic of. Gardenia, with its richly fragrant aroma, is a symbol of purity and clarity, gently reminding us of our loveliness. The notes of honeysuckle remind us to stay in happiness and to always live a sweet life, while forget-me-not flowers remind us that true love is possible, and to stay faithful in our openness to such love. This richly beautiful and redolent perfume is inspiring, energizing, healing, and playful. Anoint your body with this perfume when you need a nudge to appreciate the beauty and wonder that surrounds and is you – just as the hummingbird does.

Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

This listing is for one (1) 15 ml bottle of Hummingbird: Spirit Animal perfume. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for anointing.

Infinite Blessings,

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