Huayruro Necklaces for protection and abundance

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These Huayruro necklaces are a very special offering. The natives of Peru believe the Huayruro seed brings positivity, happiness, fertility, good luck and protection from negativity. In fact, these seeds are regarded so highly for their protective energies that Huayruro bracelets are made for newborns to keep them safe.

It is also believed that the Huayruro seed symbolizes the origin of all plants, animals and even humans. This is the reason why many believe these vibrant red and black seeds bring such great fertility and abundance.

The magic of these Huayruro necklaces

Huayruro seeds are valued for their vibrant red and black color, and it is the dual coloration on the seed which brings a deeper layer of symbolism to this powerful offering. The red seeds are said to be female and the black seeds are thought of as male. It is also said that the seeds which possess both red and black coloration are baby seeds. As such, these seeds are regarded as embodying both male and female energies; they both attract positivity and repel negativity.

Wear your Huayruro necklace in meditation or as you go about your day as a reminder of your own duality. Allow its medicine to bring protection and abundance into your life. May it be for the Highest Good. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Huayruro necklace, about 52” in length. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight, ready for wearing.



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