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Calling all advanced practitioners of magic! I created this High Vibrations set specifically for all of you energy healers, light workers, shamans, reiki masters, and priestesses. It is geared towards raising your vibrations. When your vibrations are high, you are more aligned with Source. You have more energy – both physical and mental, you feel happier and healthier, and others are more drawn to you. You will experience increased compassion and kindness for your fellow beings, your capacity to heal and channel becomes greater, and your aura actually becomes brighter when it radiates at these high frequencies. How magical is that!?

There are six special stones residing on Earth that exist to raise energetic vibrations, and I have gathered them and put them together here in this very exclusive offering.

The stones in my High Vibrations set

Firstly, no High Vibrations set would be complete without a Herkimer diamond. These are gorgeous crystal specimens that are clear, beautiful, and potent for magical work. They are the gemstone manifestations of pure spiritual light, each one emanating the brightest, purest transcendent frequencies. Herkimer quartz is considered to have the highest vibration of all quartz in the world. Many consider Herkimers the “stone of attunement” and preferred tool for healers, reiki masters, and yogis from all traditions. They aren’t really diamonds, but they have a glowing, high, resonant pulsation that aligns you with Source energy and opens the crown chakra. Like regular quartz, Herkimers broadcast their own energy, and magnify that of other gems – with a Herkimer nearby, small stones feel larger and soft stones grow stronger.

Next I have danburite, which is called the Great Healer stone. I have used danburite to heal my own body, mind, and spirit. Known as the Stone of Enlightenment, danburite is used in body scanning; a process by which one scans one’s own body (or another’s in healing) to sense the root cause and area of illness. In my experience, danburite attunes the upper chakras and brings direct contact with Spirit and the angelic realms. A powerful stone of the white ray, it is like a channel to the heavens. This danburite is especially useful in meditation to ease emotional stress. It resonates with the heart and soul star chakras.

Then, a skeletal quartz crystal. These are some of the oldest types of quartz on the planet, and hold the wisdom of All Time within them. Skeletal quartz crystals are serious magic, you guys, and I would not recommend them if you are not an experienced gem worker. We can access the secret Akashic records of every event and moment in time when working with this amazing crystal. When I connect with skeletal quartz, I am taken to another place where lifetimes of information wash over me. This stone deepens meditative practice, and facilitates magic of the outer realms, such as time travel and past life recall.

There is also a moldavite stone in this set. A quick transformer of spiritual energies, this stone opens all chakras, especially the heart chakra. Moldavite has ancient magical powers; pieces of it have been found in altars and amulets from 25,000 BCE. It has been connected throughout history to the stone of the Holy Grail, and is a member of the tektite family, making it a powerful enabler of astral and interdimensional travel and communication. Moldavite enlightens you towards achieving your life’s highest purpose, and protects and guides you as you fulfill your soul path. This stone, interestingly enough, can literally disappear – and reappear, and will bring healing to wherever it is needed in the physical body.

Then, there’s petalite, a truly protective magical stone. Petalite is a talisman of safety that will help you feel deeply grounded to and held by the Universe, especially when you’re feeling challenged or unsafe. I sometimes call petalite my “white velvet cloak” stone because it is not a heavy stone that will weigh you down; I find that I can wear and work with petalite every day at any time. It’s light, but serious. This crystal has a deep connection with Source energy. It calms and heals you while providing you with a safe, tranquil environment in which to do your spiritual resting. Petalite also opens your third eye chakra to enhance all of your psychic powers, and will attune you with your life’s path of highest calling.

And lastly, natural silver topaz, the stone of the high seeker. Topaz comes from the Greek word tapazos, which means “to seek.” References to this beautiful stone go all the way back to the Bible, where white or silver topaz was said to be one of the 12 breastplate stones of the High Priest. Silver topaz is the most powerful of all crown chakra stones, bringing the bearer deep clarity of purpose and connection to Source. It is incredibly powerful for manifestation and bringing things into being. This stone is also extremely powerful when used in combination with other gems.

I know this set is going to be the perfect accompaniment for all of the advanced magical work that you do.

This set is for six (6) natural stones of varying sizes: one (1) Herkimer diamond, one (1) pink danburite, one (1) elestial quartz, one (1) moldavite, one (1) silver topaz, and one (1) petalite. The crystals will come gift-bagged in organza with a white sage leaf to clear energies before use, and cards describing their properties.

Blessings of the highest spiritual realms,

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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