HEALED HEART Candle – For healing your heart after grief, loss, or trauma

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Are you healing your heart, my dear? To love is to know great depth of emotion, feeling, sensitivity, surrender, vulnerability. And sometimes, we lose. We grieve, we mourn. I know the loss of love well and crafted this candle to be your companion as you heal and recover from heart trauma. This candle in shades of pink and white is wrapped with my Healed Heart perfume and heart healer gems. The label includes an invocation for you to read aloud as you burn and work with its energies. You can love again. This candle, your sacred reminder that your heart can break but mend and be strong once more. As with all my candles, burn ONLY on a heat proof dish, under constant supervision; and remove the label before burning below the paper line. Use caution and common sense when burning any substance inside your home. Bright Heart Healing Blessings to you!

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