Mega Manifestation Mini Crystal Grid

for attracting abundance

This curated kit has everything you need to call forth all you wish. These pieces are perfect for on-the-go gridding! Create this mini crystal grid anywhere to harness the manifestation magic of May, making your dreams of abundance come true.

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Abundance is in full bloom! 

May is here, and the seeds of prosperity are sprouting. This Mega Manifestation Mini Crystal Grid helps you harness the flow of prosperous energy — wherever, whenever!

All you wish for is already there, waiting. This curated kit has everything you need to call it forth.

Working with Crystal Grids

Creating grids is one of the best ways to raise, channel, and amplify energy and intentions. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies between healing stones, sacred geometry, and the energy of your intention. Combining the power of crystals with a geometric pattern radiates your intention to manifest results.

In this set, you’ll receive:

  • Healer’s gold and copper Sri Yantra gridding plate
  • Brazilian citrine
  • Rhodizite crystals
  • Zircon crystals

These pieces are perfect for on-the-go gridding! Create this mini crystal grid anywhere to harness the manifestation magic of May, making your dreams of abundance come true.

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The deeper magic of this Mega Manifestation Mini Crystal Grid

You’ll receive the following:

Healer’s Gold & Copper Sri Yantra Gridding Plate 

Size: About 2-2.5”
Stone country of origin: India

This custom-made stone stand will serve as the base of your crystal grid. It’s carved from healer’s gold and supports a circular copper plate engraved with the Sri Yantra, a sacred geometry symbol that aids manifestation.

What is the Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu sacred geometry symbol depicting three levels or worlds — it represents universal ascension and humankind’s ultimate divine purpose. The Sri Yantra represents life force energy, devotion, access to the universe, and the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It’s a potent tool for obtaining and fulfilling the physical manifestation of your desires.

The Properties of Healer’s Gold

Healer’s gold is a potent stone for manifesting your inner power and vibrant health. As its name suggests, it carries powerful healing medicine. A natural combination of pyrite and magnetite, this gem holds the magic of both stones.

The Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite aligns with your Solar Plexus Chakra to help you access the power within you.

  • A glittering stone of possibility and potential that encourages you to shine in your power.
  • Enlivens your self-image and connects you to the warmth of the Sun, helping you be a source of inspiration.
  • Corresponds to the zodiac sign Leo and brings positivity, vitality, and overall well-being.

The Properties of Magnetite

Magnetite is a stone of attraction and manifestation.

  • Has a natural magnetism that draws positive energy into your whole being. It attracts and captures positivity, abundance, and prosperity.
  • Activates the Root Chakra, bringing grounding and stability.
  • Infuses you with the physical and emotional strength to move forward with confidence.

The Properties of Copper

Copper conducts and channels positive energy flow throughout a space, especially the body. Working with it helps bring things into balance. Feeling lethargic? Copper restores energy flow and circulation. Too wound up? It eases restlessness and excitability.

  • Promotes a state of harmony between the physical and astral, or emotional, bodies.
  • Particularly powerful in aligning the Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakras, but it is an ideal conductor of all energy and energetic centers in the body.
  • Helps you recognize and release obstacles and barriers keeping you from growing and following your highest path.
  • Encourages self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

Tumbled Brazilian Citrine

Size: About 0.25-0.5”
Country of origin: Brazil

This gem will serve as the center of your grid.

The Properties of Brazilian Citrine

Brazilian citrine is a beautiful golden variety of quartz that draws money like a magnet and holds a disposition that imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm.

  • A stimulating gemstone that strengthens intellectual and creative thinking faculties and encourages motivation, inspiration, and self-expression.
  • A powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone. It’s known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business.
  • Heals the Solar Plexus Chakra, restoring self-esteem and confidence, and helps you fully recognize all of your shining, unique attributes.
  • Increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity. It continually transforms your energy with its vibrant, expansive power.

Natural Rhodizite

Size: About 0.10-0.25”
Country of origin: Madagascar

You will receive two rhodizite crystals to surround your center stone.

The Properties of Rhodizite

Rhodizite is a powerful attraction stone. This high-vibrational gem is like the law of attraction in crystal form and helps you receive more of what you seek.

  • Rockets your self-esteem and confidence to new levels, enabling you to be a power figure in your own life and make your desires and dreams a reality.
  • Resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and stimulates willpower, optimism, and enthusiasm.
  • Amazing for amplifying the energies of your other stones, especially in matters of healing.
  • Increases psychic abilities, such as past-life recall and astral travel.

Natural Zircon 

Size: About 0.25-0.5”
Country of origin: Pakistan

You will receive two zircon crystals to surround your center stone.

The Properties of Zircon

Zircon has an affinity for magic, which makes it a favorite tool for creating all things magical, both in ancient times and today. It corresponds to the Root Chakra but activates all the basic chakras, including the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.

  • A potent stone for grounding, protection, and detoxification.
  • Grounds energy into matter and brings about spontaneous manifestation.
  • Helps heal the mind and body and brings wealth and happiness.

This listing is for one (1) Mega Manifestation Mini Crystal Grid, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.

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