Flora Crystal Grid

for finding the beauty within

This gridding set invokes the joyous energy of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility. She encourages you to embrace the beauty that lies within.

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Let your inner beauty bloom!

Are you ready to blossom into your best self? Our Flora Crystal Grid is here to foster your peaceful evolution. This gridding set invokes the joyous energy of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility. She encourages you to embrace the beauty that lies within.

Who is Flora?

In ancient Roman mythology, Flora was a nymph who became a beautiful goddess after being kissed by Zephyrus, the god of the west wind. Each spring, the Romans held a festival in Flora’s honor filled with games, dancing, flowers, and colorful clothing. It was a time to welcome the arrival of spring, celebrate beauty, and pray for continued fertility and abundance.

With this set, you’ll receive

  • Druzy pink amethyst & flower agate charging plate
  • Blue flower agate generator
  • Mookaite jasper
  • Pink girasol
  • Pink cobalto calcite
  • Prasiolite stalactite slice
  • Dreamsicle Lemurian quartz points

Place this crystal grid anywhere in your space for an instant infusion of growth so your spirit may flourish.

Sage Goddess Apothecary

Because this grid invokes Flora’s energy, it’s perfect for members of Sage Goddess Apothecary program. In May Apothecary, we’re working with Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. Together, we’ll celebrate our inner beauty and learn how to live life in full bloom. Learn more about Sage Goddess Apothecary and sign up here!

The deeper magic of this Flora Crystal Grid

Working with Crystal Grids

Creating grids is one of the best ways to raise, channel, and amplify energy and intentions. A grid’s power comes from the union of energies between healing stones, sacred geometry, and the energy of your intention. Combining the power of crystals with a geometric pattern radiates your intention to manifest results. 

You’ll receive the following:

Druzy Pink Amethyst & Flower Agate Charging Plate

Size: About 5”
Country of Origin: Brazil

This beautiful custom-made charging plate is a stunning natural combination of pink amethyst and flower agate. It’s extra special because it boasts sparkling druzy pockets of crystal peeking through, adding a layer of tranquility. Build your crystal grid on this piece for a foundation of peace and balance as you continue your journey.

The Properties of Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst gets its pink color from inclusions of hematite, which adds properties of grounding and protection. 

  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra
  • Detoxifies, encourages self-control, and helps you come into balance.
  • Promotes unity, peace, purification, detoxification, and spiritual evolution.

The Properties of Flower Agate

Flower agate activates the Heart Chakra, which reminds you to connect with the beauty of the present moment. It encourages you to see your dreams through with heart, passion, and commitment.

  • A stone of peace and stress management that helps you filter through fear, clearing the path for you to grow into your highest self. 
  • Radiates positivity and is an excellent stone to work with to reduce and harmonize nervous energy.
  • Carries a gentle feminine vibration that’s nourishing and nurturing.
  • Brings stillness and soothing vibrations as you go through the process of expansion.

Blue Flower Agate Generator

Size: About 3.5”
Country of Origin: Argentina

This blue flower agate tower serves as the centerpiece of your crystal grid. In the shape of a generator, blue flower agate is a potent tool for raising nurturing energy. It’s a powerful companion as you blossom into your best version yet. 

The Properties of Blue Flower Agate

Blue flower agate is a variety of flower agate. It holds the same peaceful energy as flower agate, with an additional emphasis on the Throat Chakra. 

  • Activates the Heart and Throat Chakras to help you blossom into your full potential. 
  • Encourages you to speak of your dreams with heart, passion, and commitment so they bloom into life. 
  • Stone of tranquility and balance that reminds you to connect with the beauty of the present moment. 
  • Radiates positivity and is a great stone to work with to reduce and harmonize nervous energy. 

Tumbled Mookaite Jasper

Size: About 0.5-1”
Country of origin: Australia

The Properties of Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite jasper helps you view aging and beauty from a space of empowerment rather than a place of loss or lack. Mookaite jasper is known as ‘The Beauty Stone’ and for good reason! This gem promotes graceful aging and keeps your physical and spiritual bodies youthful.

  • Leads you to notice and appreciate the beauty in the world around you, so you can receive it and reflect it with your own being.
  • Brings water element energy and is associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. 
  • Keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

Tumbled Pink Girasol

Size: About 0.5”
Country of Origin: Madagascar

The Properties of Pink Girasol

Pink girasol is a variety of opalized rose quartz that glows with a shimmering adularescence. This optical phenomenon occurs when light is reflected and scattered throughout microscopic droplets of silica-rich water trapped within the crystal.

  • Renews energies of love and compassion to attract the love you seek into your life. 
  • Opens lines of communication in relationships unlike any other stone.
  • Brings peace, deep tranquility, and calm understanding. 
  • Gentle yet powerful stone that helps bring clarity to your deepest and most authentic feelings. Supports you in expressing yourself in a way that’s receivable and digestible for the listener. 
  • Helps you get down to the heart of any matter with love and clarity. 

Tumbled Pink Cobalto Calcite

Size: About 0.5-1”
Country of Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

The Properties of Pink Cobalto Calcite

Pink cobalto calcite is the emotional healer’s stone, radiating with love and soft vibrations. This stone encourages compassion for others and yourself. It promotes acceptance without judgment.

  • Its energy resonates with Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. 
  • Activates the Heart Chakra and helps move stuck energy in that energy center.
  • Promotes unconditional love for the self, especially concerning mistakes and fear-based decisions made in the past.
  • Helps ease and carry the pain of the Earth. Heals your inner child and opens your heart to give and receive more love.
  • Energetically cleanses the environment and awakens psychic abilities.

Natural Prasiolite Stalactite Slice

Size: About 0.5”
Country of Origin: Brazil

The Properties of Prasiolite

Prasiolite is a powerful tool for connecting with angelic energies. It draws you inward, helping you recognize the limitless potential deep within. 

  • A stone transformed by fire. It begins life as a form of amethyst, and as it encounters great heat, it changes color from purple to green. Its incredible metamorphosis explains why prasiolite is a catalyst for spurring spiritual growth.
  • Resonates with the Heart Chakra and eases pain.
  • Prepares you for the next growth cycle by helping you heal and release any issues in the current cycle before advancing to the next.  
  • A master healer of the physical and subtle bodies and a healer of spaces.

Dreamsicle Lemurian Quartz Points

Size: About 1-2”
Country of Origin: Brazil

You’ll receive four dreamsicle Lemurian quartz points for the outer corners of your grid — to amplify and direct the energy. Face the terminated ends of the points outward if you want to direct the grid’s energy to someone/something else. Or, face them towards the middle of the grid if you want the energy to go directly to you.

The Properties of Dreamsicle Lemurian Quartz

Dreamsicle Lemurian quartz is a beautiful variety of Lemurian quartz that gets its soft pink-orange color from the presence of hematite, which adds grounding and protective energy. 

  • Powerful tool for sending and receiving information across dimensions. It has distinct, naturally occurring grooves, known as the ‘ladder of the gods’ or the ‘staircase to heaven.’ It’s through these grooves that you receive the stone’s wisdom. Legend has it that when their civilization fell, the Lemurians planted crystals like this in the earth for us to discover.
  • Opens chakras and energetic access points for healing. Transmutes lower vibrations.
  • Activates the Crown and Soul Star Chakras, connecting you with Source and the cosmos.
  • Channels wisdom and activates higher-dimensional doors of perception.

This listing is for one (1) Flora Crystal Grid, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

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