Eye of the Tiger Agate Sphere

for grounded empowerment

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Not all that glitters is gold – but in the case of this Eye of the Tiger Agate Sphere, it really is! This amazing powerhouse sphere helps you stay grounded while standing in your full, magnificent potential. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess from an incredibly rare stone only found in a small area of Indonesia. This stone looks like the coat of a tiger – the base is black and gray agate, and the golden brown-colored tiger stripes are caused by copper and REAL GOLD! Black and gray agate are both Root Chakra stones that provide centering and stability. They’re very grounding gems that increase strength, helping you move past negativity and overcome fears. Copper is healing and conducts energy. It encourages self-acceptance and self-empowerment. Gold helps you discover and step into your sense of confidence. It’s also known as a master healer that purifies the physical body. Tigers are symbols of passion, power, strategy, devotion, sensuality, and ferocity.

And you all know I’m a huge advocate of incorporating spheres into ritual. Spheres are special because they radiate their energy in ALL directions, sending out a steady vibrational pulse. Work with this sphere to send energies of wild empowerment through your sacred space while maintaining a sense of being grounded by your own inner strength.

Because this stone is from Indonesia, it’s the perfect tool for my November Crystal Masters students. In my 2022 Crystal Masters program, the theme is Crystals Around the World. We’re exploring 12 major geographic regions where crystals are sourced and aligning them to monthly spiritual, geographical, and practical teachings and techniques. In November, our destination is Indonesia, and we’re working with an Agni Manitite Skull. Learn more and join us here.

The deeper magic of this Eye of the Tiger Agate Sphere

Tigers are impressive living symbols of passion and power! The tiger is a strategic and fierce hunter, and unlike other big cats, it’s an excellent swimmer. This gives the tiger mastery over the element of water, along with its natural fire and earthy sensuality. Working with Tiger Medicine will teach you to follow your own passion and make the best use of your power. This spirit animal will help you know when to wait when to be slow, when to be silent, and when to leap.

Black agate is a stone of peace and calm, especially during emotional times when you’re not feeling vibrationally at your best. It’s also a gemstone for stronger self-control, resilience, and balance. Black agate is also an ally during bereavement, providing the peace you need to move on and let go. Gray agate has the same grounding properties as black agate but with added layers of elegance and mystery. It’s a stone of intellect, compromise, and diplomacy, negotiating the shadows between the polarity of black and white. Copper conducts and channels the flow of positive energy throughout a space, especially the body. It helps you recognize and release obstacles and barriers keeping you from growing and following your highest path. Working with copper helps to bring things into balance. Copper brings harmony between the physical and astral, or emotional, bodies. In alchemical traditions, it represents Venus, love, and sex. Gold is known as a master healer that purifies the physical body. It’s also symbolic of “All That Is.” Gold is associated with the life force, the Sun, and fire energy and is one of the best conductors of energy. It also magnifies the energy of other stones.

Perhaps one of the simplest and most perfect of all forms, the sphere is an expression of unity, completeness, integrity, and equality. It’s the most profound and sacred symbol in the universe and contains all the wisdom of creation. It is from the sphere that the other shapes are organized. With the sphere, we are reminded that everything fits together in perfect proportions, and it is the portal that opens you to the workings of nature. One of the best examples of a sphere is Earth, along with all the other planets. Cells and seeds are also spheres.

We like spheres at Sage Goddess because they radiate energy in all directions – above, below, and toward all four sacred directions. Work with your Eye of the Tiger Sphere during meditation or healing work, or place it on your altar to infuse your home with its grounding yet empowering energy. However you choose to work with yours, may it invoke the fierce and passionate medicine of the tiger in your life. And so it is.

Don’t forget a sphere stand to display your treasure!

This listing is for one (1) Eye of the Tiger Agate Sphere. I have three sizes to offer you: Small (about 1.5-2”) and Medium (about 2-2.5”). Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.


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