Athena’s Crystal Secrets Crystal Structure Gem Set

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Whether you’re jumping into the gem world for the first time or are a crystal aficionado looking to simply grow your collection and deepen your wisdom, Athena’s Crystal Secrets Crystal Structure Gem Set is a great way to start! This offering was created to accompany Athena’s Crystal Secrets, a FREE bonus class for all Soul Shift and Crystal Masters 2022 members. This class is available in the monthly Crystal Masters and Soul Shift classrooms. Please make sure you are logged into your SG account to view your classroom.

This set includes nine crystals – examples of the crystal structures we’ll learn about in class. Based on the symmetry of its crystal faces, a gemstone is classified into one of seven crystal structures: Orthorhombic, trigonal, monoclinic, hexagonal, isometric/cubic, triclinic, and tetragonal. This set features six of the seven crystal structures. You will receive one natural pink topaz (orthorhombic), one natural danburite (orthorhombic), one natural clear quartz point (trigonal), one natural aegirine (monoclinic), one natural morganite (hexagonal), one magnetite octahedron (isometric/cubic), one natural pyrite (isometric/cubic), one fluorite octahedron (isometric/cubic), and one natural amazonite (triclinic). If you’re ready to harness the power of healing gems, learn more about crystal structures, and cultivate greater wellness of body, mind, and spirit, this gem set is for you.

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The deeper magic of Athena’s Crystal Secrets Crystal Structure Gem Set

You will receive the following:

One (1) natural pink topaz (about 0.5”), featuring an orthorhombic crystal structure. An orthorhombic crystal’s form exhibits three unequal mutually perpendicular axes. The orthorhombic crystal structure is, in the simplest terms, a cubed lattice stretched or elongated out into a series of rectangular prisms. Orthorhombic crystals are known as dispellers and restorers, meaning they banish all types of negative energies – those manifesting in the physical body, solely in the emotional/spiritual bodies, or any other manifestation of negativity – and restore balance. Pink topaz is a gem of hope and integrity that encourages openness and brings good luck in the realms of money and love. This Heart Chakra crystal centers you in peace, helps you attract genuine connections, and heals old love wounds with the energy of divine love.

One (1) natural danburite (about 1”), featuring an orthorhombic crystal structure. See information on orthorhombic crystal structure above. Danburite is also known as the Great Healer or Stone of Enlightenment. This Synergy 12 gem is a master healer that brings divine compassion and aids psychic surgery – the removal of negative thought patterns that keep you from your highest path. It’s often worked with in body scanning to identify the root cause of pain and discomfort and remove energetic blockages and unwanted energies. Danburite is also good for sleep disturbances and helps you attune to energies that support intuitive healing on behalf of others, without draining your own life force. It activates the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars and other dimensions.

One (1) natural clear quartz point (about 1”), featuring a trigonal crystal structure. A trigonal crystal is one with a unique triad of symmetry. In trigonal crystal systems, all three axes are of equal length, but none are perpendicular to the other. Because the triangle is the simplest geometric form, it follows that a trigonal crystal would also carry a simple energetic vibration. These crystals are generally uncomplicated and very tranquil in the energy they offer. Many are potent but gentle healers. Clear quartz has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It activates the Soul Star Chakra and can be used to seal intentions or boost the energies of other stones, making it ideal for crystal grids. Work with this crystal to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify.

One (1) natural aegirine (about 0.5-1”), featuring a monoclinic crystal structure. The monoclinic crystal structure is most easily defined as having a parallelogram shape. Derived from the Greek words mono (one) and klinein (to incline or bend), it is this bent or slanted appearance that is definitive of the monoclinic gemstone lattice. Internally, they have only a single mirror plane, or twofold axis, making one half a perfect reflection of the other. Because of the parallelogram’s appearance of tipping over, or tipping to one side, monoclinic gems can be energetically characterized by instability and flux. However, this isn’t a bad thing – monoclinic crystals symbolize adaptability, change, and spiritual expansion. Aegirine is a rare crystal that protects the aura like no other. It’s the best energetic protection stone and unparalleled in its ability to shield you. Be careful when wearing it because it safeguards so well, it may make you unapproachable (wink). Work with this gemstone to create boundaries around your aura and shield your sacred space from unwanted energies.

One (1) natural morganite (about 1”), featuring a hexagonal crystal structure. Hexagonal crystals, which are the most complex, have four axes. Three out of the four axes are in one plane, of the same length, and intersect each other at angles of 60 degrees. The fourth axis is of a different length and intersects the others at right angles. They are based on a hexagonal (6-sided) inner structure made up of six equilateral triangles. They then become three dimensional structures, and are high vibrational crystals that possess high energy. They are great for relieving problems associated with energy balancing and other health issues. Morganite is the queen of the love stones – it’s the MOST powerful stone for love. This gem encourages sovereignty, forgiveness, inner strength, and compassion. It helps you release pain and sorrow and makes you feel worthy of connection and affection. This stone vibrates with the frequency of Divine Love and inspires you to embody that love and share it with others. Morganite isn’t part of the original Synergy 12, but it’s one of the crystals I add to my Synergy 12 grids – it’s that potent.

One (1) magnetite octahedron (about 0.25-0.5”), featuring an isometric/cubic crystal structure. An isometric/cubic crystal features three axes at right angles and of equal length, with nine planes of symmetry. Cubic crystals make wonderful stabilizing and grounding tools, and they can help in organization, structure, and focus in life. Magnetite, also known as lodestone, is the stone of attraction. Its natural magnetism draws energies to it, attracting and capturing positivity. As a result, it’s also a stone of manifestation. If there’s anything you wish to actualize, working with this crystal will help you do just that. In the shape of an octahedron, the power of magnetite combines with sacred geometry. The octahedron is a three-dimensional, self-reflecting shape that’s associated with the air element. It’s linked to the Heart Chakra and attunes you to your spiritual nature. Octahedrons are eight-sided, and 8 is the number of abundance. This shape represents abundant flow and wisdom, as well as prosperity of mind, body, and spirit.

One (1) natural pyrite cube (about 0.5”), featuring an isometric/cubic crystal structure. See information on isometric/cubic crystal structure above. Pyrite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra for confidence, inner strength, and self-worth. It’s the glittering stone of possibility and potential that encourages you to shine in your power. Pyrite enlivens your self-image and connects you to the warmth of the Sun, helping you be a source of inspiration. This gem corresponds to the zodiac sign Leo and brings positivity, vitality, and overall well-being. The cube, or hexahedron, is a universal sacred shape – one of the Platonic Solids. It’s a three-dimensional symbol of grounding and focus. Cubes are associated with the Earth element and correspond with the Root Chakra, but they also honor all four directions and cardinal elements. Cubes create a foundation and consolidate energy. They sit flat, no matter which side they’re placed on, holding their ground. Working with cubes helps you stay rooted, strong, and stable wherever you are.

One (1) fluorite octahedron (about 0.5”), featuring an isometric/cubic crystal structure. See information on isometric/cubic crystal structure above. Fluorite emanates the swords (mental/thought) energy of the tarot and cuts through the mental clutter and confusion. It helps you to become more discerning in what you allow in, bringing scattered energies and thoughts into greater cohesion. It’s a stone of higher realm connection and manifesting your purpose. If you’re seeking to enhance and develop your natural talents and gifts and open your psychic channels, this is the crystal for you. See properties for the octahedron above.

One (1) natural amazonite (about 1”), featuring a triclinic crystal structure. The triclinic crystal structure has the least-symmetrical shape of all crystals. Crystals in the triclinic system have three axes of unequal lengths that are inclined at nonorthogonal (non-perpendicular) angles relative to each other. Triclinic crystals have a broad base, symbolizing a stable nature, but flipped upside down, the table turns, looking quite insecure. This structure represents the ability to flow with erratic changes in life, spontaneity, and unpredictability. These crystals embody the beauty of balanced imbalance, displaying freedom of thought, feeling, and movement. Amazonite is a Throat Chakra stone that encourages speaking your truth clearly with clarity, ease, and confidence. It helps to heal unhealthy communication patterns and assists you in having difficult conversations with ease. Working with this gem opens the door to heartfelt sharing. Beyond what it does for communication, amazonite also absorbs and transmutes geomagnetic stress – the energies from your phone and computer that are so unhealthy for you to receive and absorb day in and day out.

This listing is for one (1) Athena’s Crystal Secrets Crystal Structure Gem Set, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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