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Experience transformation on all levels and reveal your true inner self to the world with this incredible Alchemy Transmute and Manifest Grid. Alchemy is a process of transforming one substance, state of being, thought form, or creation into another. It’s the process of becoming YOU – fully, passionately, and unapologetically. With this grid, you’ll receive: A black tourmaline gridding plate, a copper sphere to place as the grid centerpiece with a gunmetal-colored ring-shaped sphere holder to keep it in place, natural fire opal, a tumbled sulfur quartz, a tumbled emerald, a tumbled blue tanzanite, and four clear quartz crystal points.

Creating grids is one of the most effective ways that I put my precious gems to work. It’s one of the best ways to raise, channel, and amplify energy – for healing, prosperity, love, protection, and more. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry, and the energy of your intention. Combining the power of crystals with a geometric pattern radiates your intention to manifest results. Gridding creates an energetic force field that can be placed in strategic locations. Place this grid anywhere in your space to invoke the manifestation power of the alchemist and experience profound transformation.

Because the sulfur quartz and emerald come from Brazil, they are the perfect tools for my October Crystal Masters students. In my 2022 Crystal Masters program, the theme is Crystals Around the World. We’re exploring 12 major geographic regions where crystals are sourced and aligning them to monthly spiritual, geographical, and practical teachings and techniques. In October, our destination is Brazil, and we’re working with a Double-Terminated Cosmic Stone Wand. Learn more and join us here.

The deeper magic of this Alchemy Transmute and Manifest Grid

Alchemy is truly a spiritual path of transformation, not literally focused on turning lead into gold. The first alchemists understood there was much more to this universe than could meet the human eyes. They studied ways of working with sacred geometry, frequency, vibration, and energy to transcend the third-dimensional state of reality. Their goal was total freedom from all emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental constraints. With this grid, you can do the same for yourself.

You will receive the following:

One (1) black tourmaline plate (4×4”) to serve as the base of your grid. The black tourmaline for this plate was sourced from India. It’s the MOST protective stone you can work with – it protects people, places, and things. Black tourmaline is a Root Chakra gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield around you, deflecting negativity and preventing loss and theft. This stone acts like a vacuum cleaner, clearing negativity even in chaotic situations. Black tourmaline is grounding and brings awareness, love, and divine wisdom. It counteracts energy depletion, wards off nightmares, and generally keeps you feeling safe and well.

One (1) copper sphere (about 1.5”) to serve as the centerpiece for your grid. This copper was sourced from the USA. I’ve always said quartz-based stones are fantastic as grid centerpieces, but since copper is such a tremendous energy conductor, it’s PERFECT for this as well! We love working with spheres at Sage Goddess because they radiate energy in all directions – above, below, and toward all four sacred directions. Copper conducts and channels the flow of positive energy throughout a space, especially the body. Working with it helps to bring things into balance. Copper can restore energy flow and circulation if you’re feeling lethargic and ease restlessness and excitability if you’re too wound up.  In alchemical traditions, copper represents Venus, love, and sex. It’s associated with the Root, Sacral, and Heart Chakras. While copper is particularly powerful in aligning these chakras, it functions as an ideal conductor of ALL energy and energetic centers in the body.

One (1) metal ring (about 0.78”), intended for holding your copper sphere. This piece is made from gunmetal-colored metal alloy. Sphere stands play a crucial role in magic – they create a safe space for your precious gems.

One (1) natural fire opal (about 0.5”), sourced from Mexico. Fire opal awakens your passion and increases your vitality. It’s a Sacral Chakra stone that stimulates change, invokes optimism and creativity, and helps you face your life bravely, especially during times of transition. It brings protection and fire medicine, encouraging you to remain open, rise above the circumstances of your life, and awaken your own personal fire.

One (1) tumbled sulfur quartz (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Brazil. Sulfur quartz gets its yellow color from the presence of the element sulfur. Sulfur is one of the three alchemical principles known as the Tria Prima. The other two are mercury and salt. Sulfur symbolizes spirit or the human soul, mercury the mind, and salt the body. Sulfur quartz is transformative in nature. It’s a Solar Plexus Chakra stone that helps you push past any hesitation or reservations, strengthening your willpower. Sulfur quartz increases self-esteem, intuition, and inner power. This gem helps you identify your beliefs, ideas, and thoughts and change them to better align with your most authentic self. Sulfur quartz also instills the confidence to own your actions and ideas – even when they vary from what others perceive as best.

One (1) tumbled emerald (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Brazil. Emerald holds attraction magic that works with you to bring your dreams to life. It’s also a stone of strength and discernment, especially in love. It’s said that the Hermetic Principles, the most powerful ancient truths in the universe, were written on emerald tablets. Emerald is a crystal of the spring, symbolizing youthfulness, renewal, and rebirth. Emerald reminds you of the eternal nature of love and life and brings wisdom and luck in all endeavors. It encourages independence, truth, fidelity, commitment, and growth. Resonating with the Heart Chakra, this precious gem helps you open up to new love, promotes commpassion, connects you to your personal power, and enhances intuition and insight. It also increases fertility and alleviates heaviness in the aura.

One (1) tumbled blue tanzanite (about 0.25-0.5”), sourced from Tanzania. Tanzanite is a powerful healing gem and Third Eye Chakra stone. It’s a Synergy 12 crystal that brings spiritual enlightenment and helps you hear your spirit guides. It contains teachings from other dimensions and helps strengthen your spirit ahead of spiritual work. Tanzanite enhances the experience of the present moment and self-awareness to guide you to your highest good. It’s a stone of spiritual protection, alchemy, transformation, manifestation, and inspiration. Tanzanite brings compassion and integrates the energies of the mind and the heart.

Four (4) clear quartz points (about 0.5”). These stones were sourced from China and are for the outer corners of your grid – to amplify and direct the energy. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. Clear quartz activates the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars and other dimensions. Face the terminated end of the points outwards if you want to direct the grid’s energy to someone/something else, or face them towards the middle of the grid if you want the energy to go directly to you.

This listing is for one (1) Alchemy Transmute and Manifest Grid as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.


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