Gemmy Turquoise Chip Stones for great warrior strength, healing, and protection

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Chip stones are amazing because of their small, convenient size. You can carry them in your medicine pouch, purse, car, or just about anywhere to access their magic without having to worry about carting a big, heavy stone around! You can put them in your body products to infuse them with the properties of the stone, in your candles, or in your houseplants to bless them with the stone’s magic. And they are perfect for creating gemstone jewelry. The uses for chipstones really are endless!

Turquoise heals, comforts, and supports you. It nourishes and sustains you. My favorite thing about turquoise is that it seems to know what is needed and when to provide it. Such is the way with native medicines. They have a wisdom all their own. Native Americans have used turquoise in ritual practices forever. It’s one of the most sacred stones to native people in this country. But the history of turquoise extends around the world. In ancient Persia, turquoise was considered a stone of royalty and was only possessed by those with great wealth and prosperity. It is a wealth-bringing stone, but it’s also deeply protective. It strengthens the spirit. Take it with you into battle – whatever battles you face – and it will keep you safe from harm.

This listing is for one ounce (1oz) of gem-grade turquoise chip stones. If you would like more than one ounce, please just increase the quantity you are purchasing. A quantity of two would be two ounces, etc. The stones will come beautifully gift-wrapped with a romance card describing the stone’s properties and a white sage leaf to clear energies before use.

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