Ganesha Chime Ornaments for sacred adornment and protection

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This listing is beyond special. With these Ganesha chime ornaments you can invite rustic elegance into your space, while summoning the sacred energy of Ganesha. Ganesha adorns this musical talisman, adding yet another level of magical correspondence to this beautiful offering. 

Oh, Ganesha! God of success and great remover of obstacles. You ease our path and make the way clear for us. Ganesha embodies benevolence and empowers us to proceed on our soul path, so that we might fulfill our Highest Calling. Ganesha brings the Divine Masculine presence of beauty and appreciation for the bounty that surrounds us.

In Wiccan as well as in other traditions, the bell is used for invocation and banishment. The ringing sound has been said to drive away negativity and evil spirits. Bells are also Divine Feminine symbols of Life Force energy, and can be used to call upon the Goddess during ritual. You can ring this Ganesha chime ornament at the start or end of a ceremony to clear any unwanted energies. Our ancestors have been invoking the bell throughout history and across many ancient religions, such as Buddhism and Christianity.

The magic of these Ganesha chime ornaments

For those of you looking to draw prosperity and success, work with Ganesha.  Are you trying to attract success in different areas of your life without – ironically – much success? Ganesha is the Hindu god who removes obstacles and creates a path where nothing stands in the way. He brings success, abundance, happiness, joy, and positive energy.

Hang these Ganesha chime ornaments above your altar space during meditation, or anywhere around your home where they can catch a breeze, so you can enjoy the music of the bells.

This listing is for one (1) Ganesha chime ornament. We have several different colors, including red, blue, or green. Please allow us to choose one for you. If you have a specific request, please leave us a note and we will do our best to honor it. Yours will arrive lovingly gift parceled along with one white sage leaf you can use to clear energies.



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