Flower of Life Oracle Cards to discover sacred and Universal truths about your path

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These Flower of Life oracle cards resonated deeply with me from the moment I drew my very first one. This age old emblem, the Flower of Life, embodies our Life Force energy and the lifeblood that flows through us. Our energy, the Earth, and everything in the Universe is woven with a common repeating pattern that manifests in the geometry of this single sacred flower. Its perfect, infinite pattern IS the very thread of our being, across planes and dimensions. It ties us all together in a cosmic, otherworldly way that is almost incomprehensible.

The magic of Flower of Life oracle cards

These cards and their gorgeous floral or landscape images remind me of our limitless growth, coinciding with the eternal vitality of Mother Earth. Each card is a guide, symbolizing the seed of possibility in your life that has the power to blossom, to become tall and strong. As the flower blooms, so do each of us. As Gaia feeds and nurtures every rose, so we are also nurtured. Allow this deck to reveal your Higher Truth, and to map out the road to your Highest Self.

You have stunning potential; the cosmos already know this. The stars have seen your past, present, and future, and they shine on you with wisdom. Every fiber of the Earth, from sea to sky, is imprinted with your truth. It is already manifest. Use these cards to reveal the Universal wisdom that will lead you to it.

This listing is for one (1) Flower of Life oracle deck, containing 52 cards and a guide booklet. It will come beautifully gift-wrapped.

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