Faceted Aqua Aura Triangle Earrings for a stronger connection to your guides

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These faceted aqua aura triangle earrings are absolutely beautiful, but beyond their beauty and elegance, they carry meaning and energy. Aura bonded quartz has become one of my favorite tools because it possesses strong, energetic vibrations. These radiant gems are stunning to look at – pure quartz treated with an intense variety of pigment and aura treatment. You’ll love yours even more when you feel its power in person. Color magic is real, and when layered with a gemstone it amplifies the vibrations of your work. Named for its rich aquamarine color, aqua aura quartz also activates your Crown and Soul Star Chakras, and is excellent for communicating with your guides to channel clear messages from the spiritual realms.

The deeper magic of these faceted aqua aura triangle earrings

Aqua aura has an intense vibration, although very comforting, and I love to meditate with this stone during times of stress and frustration. It can be very useful in protecting you from psychic attack, while elevating your aura’s vibration. It has all the healing benefits of gold as well. Gold is associated with the life force, the sun, and fire energy. Aqua aura quartz is one of the best conductors of energy; gold magnifies the energy of other stones and can bring a renewed sense of energy. Gold works on the lower chakras, while aqua aura works on the upper chakras, to create a fully aligned body.

As if that wasn’t enough magic for you, these earrings are in the shape of one of our most pervasive shapes – a triangle – found in sacred symbols from across almost every culture and religion. The triangle represents the number three in sacred geometry; it is the holy trinity; it is creation, preservation, and destruction; it is the three faces of the goddess (mother, maiden, and crone). Two inverted triangles are what create the Star of David, which also symbolizes the duality of masculine and feminine, as well as the alchemical principle “as above, so below.”

As you wear your faceted aqua aura triangle, be aware of their presence and their magic. Call in your guides and ask for a stronger spiritual connection with the Higher Realms. Be ready for the newfound connectivity with your guides and the increase in your intuitive powers.

This listing is for one (1) pair of faceted aqua aura triangle earrings. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight.


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