Essence of Perfume Line for connection to the sacred elements

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My new fragrance offering, Essence of Perfume Line, beautifully captures the essence of each of the sacred elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. Made of 100% essential oils and suspended in a jojoba carrier oil, these blends have notes that evoke the qualities of the elements, taking you on a sensory journey into their realms. Could you learn to trust more and be in flow? My Essence of Water will assist with that. Are you seeking greater passion and initiative? Then my Essence of Fire will give you that jumpstart. Purchase the entire set to get five perfumes for the price of four! Whatever intention or experience you seek, my Essence of Perfume Line will serve as the conduit to take you deeper into the heart of your desires.

The deeper magic of my Essence of Perfume Line

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit — each of these sacred elements makes it possible for life to exist on this planet. Each of the elements has its respective characteristics and when we need more of a specific quality in our lives, we can call on and work with that element to bring more of what we seek into our lives. My Essence of Perfume Line offering includes the following:

One (1) 10 ml bottle of Essence of Fire. Fire is transformative and transmutative. It’s the fuel that ignites the embers of creativity. This special blend has notes of cinnamon, blood orange, and peppercorn for a rush of confidence and vitality. Anoint yourself with this intoxicating and passionate scent, arousing any latent energies that may dwell beneath the surface, allowing for dynamic new ideas and inspired action.

One (1) 10 ml bottle of Essence of Earth. Grounding, bonding, and stabilizing. The earth element is home and provides us with a place to anchor while we journey this life. It sustains and nurtures and is the foundation upon which everything comes into physical existence. This special blend has notes of mitti attar, patchouli, and myrrh, and is grounding in nature. Anoint yourself with this warm blend for security, provision, and support.

One (1) 10 ml bottle of Essence of Air. Breathe in, breathe out. With each inhale and exhale, you’re experiencing the sacred element of air. Air is purifying and regenerative. It corresponds to the intellect and thought, and is the vehicle through which inspiration and insight arrive to us. This special blend has notes of lily of the valley, tuberose, and carnation and is light, freeing, and refreshing. Anoint yourself with this blend for inspiration and purity of mind and thought.

One (1) 10 ml bottle of Essence of Water. Water expresses itself as nurturing, protective, intuitive, and comforting. Water is sensitive and strong. When pushed or forced, it adapts and creates a path that follows the least resistance – but it always gets where it’s going. This special blend has notes of rose, jasmine, and helichrysum and is sweet and sensual. Anoint yourself with this aromatic blend for fluidity, happiness, and ease of heart.

One (1) 10 ml bottle of Essence of Spirit. All begins in and all returns to Spirit — including the sacred elements. Everything is contained within Spirit’s embrace; nothing can sustain beyond or outside of it. Oneness and unity are the nature of this sacred element. This special blend has notes of cistus, davana, and spikenard for peace and revitalization. Anoint yourself with this sacred blend to be reminded of your oneness with All That Is.

This listing is for one (1) 10 ml bottle of perfume from my Essence of Perfume Line, as described above. I have five perfumes to offer you: Essence of Fire, Essence of Earth, Essence of Air, Essence of Water, and Essence of Spirit. You can also purchase the full set. Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for your enjoyment.


Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

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