Double Terminated Shungite Point Necklaces for purification and protection

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If you’re looking for strong, masculine sacred adornment, these double terminated shungite point necklaces are for you. Their dark coloring vibrates with an intense sense of purification and positivity – which is exactly what shungite offers you as you wear this necklace. Each one is carved and faceted to perfection on each end, and can act as an energetic conduit similar to a generator, sending and receiving the powerful energy of shungite.

I believe in sacred adornment – in the process of choosing your jewelry with care and intention. Which gems you select and why, on which day … these things matter. When we wear jewelry we invoke the elements and energies of the stones with which we adorn ourselves. I stack my gemstone bracelets, and sometimes my necklaces too, and wear them every day, literally until they fall off. In my tradition, that’s how we know the ‘medicine’ of the gems has been worked.

The magic of double terminated shungite point necklaces

Shungite has a long metaphysical and geological history. Did you know in Roman times it was actually used to purify water? Yes, this stone not only purifies energies and literally removes anything dark, negative, or evil in its path, it can also remove toxins and impurities from water. I use shungite in rooms where anyone is having nightmares or scary dreams, or in spaces where the energy feels heavy. Also if you are a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, shaman, healer, or priestess, this is a critical stone to keep in your sacred space. Negative vibrations cannot sustain themselves in the presence of shungite.

Now imagine wearing this protective and purifying stone as sacred adornment. With this piece of gemstone adornment, you will find cleared energy in any space. Keeping gemstones close helps you to better benefit from their magical properties.

This necklace comes on a silvery chain to compliment the silver setting of the pendant.

This listing is for one (1) double terminated shungite point necklace, about 1.5″ in size. Each comes beautifully gift-boxed for your pleasure and delight!

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