Clear Quartz Triangle Pendants for a Signature Necklace

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These clear quartz triangle pendants are simply awesome. If you’re looking for a wear-it-everyday piece that’s still mega-magical, this is for you. These could seriously be your signature piece of jewelry. I wore mine for a month and a half straight and people would approach me to comment on it, even when I was wearing something more spectacular or eye-catching. Each is beautifully clear and faceted to perfection, carved into a triangle, then affixed in a setting of antiqued silvery metal. Not only are you getting clear quartz amplification magic here, but also the ubiquitous mystery and power of a triangle, which calls to the forces of sacred geometry.

The magic of these clear quartz triangle pendants

The triangle is one of our most pervasive shapes, found in symbols from almost every religion. It represents the number three in sacred geometry; it is the holy trinity – it is creation, preservation, and destruction. It is the three faces of the goddess (mother, maiden, and crone). Two inverted triangles are what create the Star of David, which also symbolizes the duality of masculine and feminine, as well as the alchemical principle “as above, so below.”

There are many, many layers of magic here. Clear quartz is the stone of magnification and intensification, which you can use to enhance the powers of other gems and tools, to seal spells or intentions, and to hold sacred space. So much power in the form of such elegant simplicity makes these a staple piece of adornment for any magical practitioner.

This listing is for one (1) clear quartz triangle pendant, about 1-1.25” in size. Yours will come lovingly wrapped and ready for wearing.

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