Clear quartz points – intensification, magnification, energy, power, high vibration – all chakras

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This listing is part of the new Gem Show section in the Sage Goddess boutique where I will be offering selected high quality polished, tumbled, and specimen gemstone pieces for purchase. I have gem sources around the globe, and now you can benefit from my connection to ethical and knowledgeable gem vendors from almost every country in the world! In so many ways, gem collecting and crystal healing all begins here, with clear quartz. I always have stock on hand because I include one with every gem set in the shop. But in your crystal work, you often hear about “gridding” with quartz, or magnifying the energies of stones using clear quartz because that’s what it does – it raises the vibrations of gems and minerals around it and increases their potency in magical work.

So this listing is for a blessed and charged quartz point from my stash, charged up with full moon light and all kinds of good vibes. You can place these in the four corners of your sacred space, or surround another gem with them on your altar to raise energies for sacred work. I choose only the nicest pieces, ranging from 1-2 inches. Enjoy, gem collectors.

This listing is for (1) quartz point, which will come gift-bagged in organza with a white sage leaf that you can use to clear energies before using. You will also receive a card describing the properties and recommended use of each stone in case you are offering it to another who has not worked with this stone before. I charge all gems on my personal altar space and bathe them in full moonlight before listing. Each piece is chosen carefully and vetted for quality. Shop with confidence.

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