Clear Quartz Merkaba Pendants for accelerated spiritual ascension

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These clear quartz Merkaba pendants are a supreme combination of gemstone power and sacred carving. Their synergistic vibration is just unreal. I find myself so drawn to these clear quartz Merkaba pendants, compelled to hold them close so that I can get a visceral sense of the power they carry. The Merkaba is the most transcendental of the sacred geometric symbols, embodying all of creation.

You will invoke Higher Realm magic when you work with one of these Merkaba pendants. May you use it for the greater good. Each one is hand-carved and affixes to a silvery jump ring at the top.

The magic of your clear quartz Merkaba pendants

The Merkaba is a divine symbol of ascension; its name means light “mer”, spirit “ka”, and body “ba” or the integration of spirit, body, and light. The Merkaba is the vehicle of light that Ascended Masters utilize in order to reach enlightenment, or to commune with Higher Realm beings. The Merkaba was Buddha’s channel to reach Nirvana, and the Merkaba manifested itself as the chariot in which the Angel Ezekiel rode to Heaven

In the physical realm, the Merkaba takes shape as a star tetrahedron. This multi-point star form is special because it combines ALL of the sacred geometry shapes. So how do we achieve enlightenment? Can we? The way to achieve higher consciousness is to become a master of meditation and assume perfect alignment at all times. We can strive for spiritual ascension by facing our challenges one at a time through intention setting and meditation.

And carved from clear quartz? Clear quartz is the gem of magnification, intensification, sealing of spells or intentions, and holding sacred space. As you work with this pendant you will begin a deep and powerful process of raising the vibration of whatever intention you set and send out.

This listing is for one (1) clear quartz Merkaba pendant, about 75” in size. Yours will come with gift boxed for your enjoyment.



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