Clear Quartz Cluster Pendants for high vibe adornment

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These clear quartz cluster pendants are like crisp, pure fragments of white light, of service to anyone working with amplification magic of any kind. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world. Its high vibration draws people in, and its accessibility makes it a go-to piece in any collection.

If you don’t have clear quartz jewelry – and even if you do – these cluster pendants make for a beautiful, elegant signature piece. Simply beautiful, and so magical.

The magic of these clear quartz cluster pendants

These clear quartz cluster pendants are lovely to behold, but beyond their sweetness, beauty, and elegance, they carry meaning and energy. Jewelry for us priestesses, energy workers, goddesses, and sorcerers is not just a matter of accessorizing. You all know I believe in sacred adornment – in the process of deliberately choosing each piece of crystal jewelry with care and intention. These choices matter. Because when we wear jewelry, we invoke the elements and metaphysical energies of the stones we choose to adorn ourselves with.

Clear quartz is the stone of magnification and intensification, which you can use to enhance the powers of other gems and tools, to seal spells or intentions, and to hold sacred space. You can also program quartz (the only gem in the mineral world with this ability) to act as any other gem. Hold this piece and set the intention for it to emit the vibration of obsidian, lapis lazuli, citrine, carnelian, zincite, jasper, or any other stone – and it will.

If you’re looking for a wear-it-everyday piece that’s still mega-magical, this is for you.

This listing is for one (1) clear quartz cluster pendant, about 1” in size. Yours will arrive with a silvery chain, ready for wearing, along with a card explaining the properties of this stone.



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