Chakra Plate Collection for balance and complete energetic alignment

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Working with this chakra plate collection is such a powerful way to bring all of your energy centers into balance. Use these stunning pieces on your altar to charge all of your favorite magical tools, or as coasters to infuse your coffee or tea with powerful gemstone energy. With this chakra plate collection, the possibilities are endless! So get ready, loves – there’s some powerful magic in store. To delve more deeply into the world of chakras, order my book The Ultimate Guide to Chakras by clicking here!

The deeper magic of this chakra plate collection

Having your chakras aligned is so integral to being fully connected with your mind, body, and spirit. When one of my chakras is out of balance, I lose touch with my magic – do you feel the same? If so, this collection is for you.

With this offering, you can order the chakra plates individually, or as a complete collection for total energetic alignment. Each of the plates is described below.

First is one (1) Earth Star Chakra Plate. Your Earth Star Chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet and is an energy center of oneness and connection to the Earth and All That Is. When you align this chakra, you open yourself up to the collective consciousness of the Universe and become closely intertwined with the magic, healing, and sacred energy that lies in the deepest parts of the Earth. This Earth Star Chakra plate has been made with black tourmaline chip stones, for protection and grounding, and will serve to expand your roots and strengthen your placement on this planet.

Second is one (1) Root Chakra Plate. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and resonates with groundedness, stability, and security. This is the chakra to focus on in meditation if you are feeling afraid or unsafe. Once you bring this chakra into alignment, you will release all doubt and fear, and replace them with feelings of safety and security. This Root Chakra Plate is made with red jasper chip stones, the stone of stability, grounding, balance, stamina, and strength.

Third is one (1) Sacral Chakra Plate. The Sacral Chakra energy center is located above the pelvis, between the hips, and is associated with sexuality, passion, and creativity. When you align this chakra, you dissolve feelings of emotional rigidity and apathy and open yourself up to creative inspiration, intimacy, and pleasure. This Sacral Chakra Plate is made with carnelian chip stones, for a potent dose of energy and confidence.

Fourth is one (1) Solar Plexus Chakra Plate. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located above the belly button and governs your feeling of personal power, self-confidence, and force of will. If you often feel powerless or timid, this chakra is in need of alignment. This Solar Plexus Chakra Plate has been made with citrine chip stones, to promote power and prosperity, and will provide a huge boost in your self-esteem.

Fifth is one (1) Heart Chakra Plate. The Heart Chakra is located right at the heart and controls feelings of love and passion. When you bring this energy center into alignment, you open yourself up to giving and receiving love, kindness, and affection. This Heart Chakra Plate is made with rose quartz chip stones for potent heart healing and will infuse your tools with sacred, loving energy.

Sixth is one (1) Throat Chakra Plate. The Throat Chakra is located at the throat and is associated with honesty and self-expression. When this chakra is in alignment, you are able to listen to others, and speak your truth with grace and ease. This Throat Chakra Plate will align this energy center, provide you with powerful soothing vibrations, and heal your communication patterns. It has been made with blue aventurine chip stones, to encourage patience and trust – two necessary characteristics of good communication.

Seventh is one (1) Third Eye Chakra Plate. The Third Eye Chakra is located on the forehead, between the eyes, and is connected with intuition, insight, and psychic vision. When this energy center is balanced, you will feel in touch with your instincts and inner wisdom and will be able to follow your intuition without doubt or fear. This Third Eye Chakra Plate has been made with lapis lazuli chip stones and will infuse your magical tools with the ancient wisdom and peace that Third Eye opening brings.

Eighth is one (1) Crown Chakra Plate. This energy center is located at the top of the head and governs our feeling of wisdom, connection to the spirit realm, and attunement with the Universe. If you are feeling spiritually disconnected or like you’ve been making foolish decisions, then this chakra is in need of alignment. This Crown Chakra Plate is made of amethyst chip stones, for mental clarity and spiritual understanding, and will reconnect you with the Higher Realms and your Divine Path.

Ninth, and final, is one (1) Soul Star Chakra Plate. The Soul Star Chakra is often referred to as “the seat of the soul”, and is located about six inches above the head. This is the point where spiritual energy, and Divine love, enters the body from the Higher Realms. When you align this energy center, you connect with your angels and spirit guides, expand your level of spiritual consciousness, and come into complete alignment with your Highest Self. This Soul Star Chakra Plate has been made with rainbow moonstone chip stones, to aid you in aligning this energy center and igniting your inner light.

This listing is for one (1) chakra plate collection, as described above, or you can purchase the plates individually. Each chakra plate is approximately 3.5” in size. Please choose the offering which calls to you from the drop-down menu above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card or parchment describing the properties of the stone(s).

Gem Blessings,

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