Bedside Gemstone Reading Boxes for intuitive crystal guidance


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These Bedside Gemstone Reading Boxes are simply gorgeous – you can just feel the magic reverberating off of them! Each box is handmade, unique, and unlike any other, made of beautifully polished wood and decorated with a mystical inlaid bronze sun design on top. With this offering, you’ll also receive a set of ten incredibly special and rare gemstones, meant to provide you with beautiful messages both in the morning before you go about your day, and at night before you drift off to sleep.

The deeper magic of these Bedside Gemstone Reading Boxes

Each of these elegant Bedside Gemstone Reading Boxes has been lined with soft, gorgeous, purple fabric and closes with a bronze latch, to keep your stones safe and beautifully held within.

The first stone you’ll receive with this offering is one (1) piece of green aventurine. The stone of luck, abundance, and growth, green aventurine brings more of what you seek into your life.

Second, you’ll receive one (1) piece of sunstone. This stone of leadership inspires you to take action and own your desires. It also prompts creativity and brings energy to new ideas. Sunstone is a talisman of optimism and empowerment.

Third, you’ll receive one (1) piece of golden labradorite. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, this stone provides power, courage, and clear thinking. Golden labradorite ignites inner strength, increases confidence, and aids in manifestation.

Fourth, you’ll receive one (1) piece of Zambian amethyst. This stone is a powerful source of peace and mental clarity. It opens the Third Eye, encourages restful sleep, helps you tap into your inner wisdom, and can even induce visions.

Fifth, you’ll receive one (1) piece of citrine cacoxenite. This stone encourages you to see positive, beneficial, and constructive forces in all events and situations. It also helps you make wise choices, and pulls you onto a path of success, in alignment with your highest self.

The sixth stone you’ll receive is one (1) piece of brown zebra jasper. This is the stone of transforming intention into matter. Brown zebra jasper can be used to help hold intentions and carry them forward into manifestation, turning inner potential into reality.

Seventh, you’ll receive one (1) piece of pietersite. Pietersite is a gem of happiness, enthusiasm, luck, and good fortune. As it opens the Third Eye and activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, it heightens vision and focus to truly make change for the future.

Eighth, you’ll receive one (1) luxullianite. Luxullianite eases stress and helps you move through transitions with ease. It’s also extremely protective – it deflects negativity and creates a shield. Luxullianite grants the ability to know the truth within, to fully accept the self.

Ninth, you’ll receive one (1) piece of danburite. A powerful healer and magnifier of positive energy, danburite is a direct line to Spirit and an incredible facilitator of contact with outer realms. When you work with this stone, you’ll powerfully channel vibrations of joy and mental clarity.

The tenth and final stone you’ll receive is one (1) piece of sunset sodalite. A stone of honesty and seeing positive solutions, sunset sodalite promotes open and sincere communication and brings a sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Keep one of these Bedside Gemstone Reading Boxes by your bed, and intuitively choose a stone in the morning as you rise, and again in the evening, right before you go to sleep. Meditate with the chosen stone for a moment, and allow its vibrations to carry you, protect you, and share its magic with you all day and night.

This listing is for one (1) Bedside Gemstone Reading Box, as listed above, approximately 2.75-3” in size. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

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