Ritual Sets Honoring Ix Chel and Itzamna

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With this set, we honor Ix Chel and Itzamna. We will invoke these two influential deities as we travel to the Mayan pantheon. Legend tells us Ix Chel lived as a beautiful woman who dazzled all who laid eyes upon her, including the young Itzamna the moment he met the goddess embodied as Ix Chel. Without knowing the growing love between Ix Chel and Itzamna, Ix Chel’s sister Ixtab, convened a fight between two young men who would fight to the death for the love of the young maiden. Itzamna agreed to the duel, but this fight cost him his life when his opponent cheated destiny and killed him. Ix Chel cursed her sister and took her own life at the loss of her soul mate.

The two young lovers then traveled to the heavens where they would celebrate their love for eternity. Itzamna was reborn as the sun god and his eternal love, Ix Chel, became the goddess of the moon and rebirth. They say that to celebrate his eternal love for Ix Chel, Itzamna gave her the brightness of the night as a gift in the shape of the stars – young maidens who’ve died at a young age and travel to the heavens to shine for eternity alongside the mesmerizing Ix Chel. It is also told that in each new fire that is lit, the goddess Ix Chel is reborn. Hence Ix Chel is also considered the goddess of childbirth and fertility.

The tools in my Ritual Sets Honoring Ix Chel and Itzamna

With this offering, you can choose to purchase the Ix Chel and the Itzamna set together, or you can choose to purchase either one individually. Order your tools as you feel called, but keep in mind that these two are an energetic pairing and their energy is meant to be worked with in unison.

Ix Chel set:

My Ix Chel set comes with a Ix Chel pillar candle, made with sheets of organic beeswax in deep royal blue and gold, to invoke the watery celestial magic and light of the moon, as well as the Divine Feminine. Each sheet of beeswax is anointed with Ix Chel perfume, and your candle will also come with a custom blessing you can recite to invoke her wisdom and mystical knowing.

After that is Ix Chel perfume, a rich, warm and impeccable blend of galbanum, parsley, coriander, and cocoa. Each bottle comes with a labradorite chip stone. Labradorite is the stone of the darkness, intuition, and the new moon. This fragrance will help you tap into your inner goddess while inspiring your intuition.

You’ll next receive the herbs of Ix Chel, which include amaranth grain, maize silk, and cacao shell. Cacao is a Divine Feminine plant spirit that brings deep heart opening and healing energy. Sacred to most indigenous tribes of the Americas for a reason. Maize is a plant sacred to Ix Chel as she is a goddess of fertility and harvest, and corn was vital to the Mayans. Amaranth was a key component in the sacrificial rituals of the pre-Columbian Aztecs and Mayans who used it for protection.

Lastly, the Ix Chel gemstones which include chrysocolla and black lemurian jade. Chrysocolla represents the Sacred Feminine bolstered by ancient intelligence and tempered by strength. Kept near your workspace or with you when you interact with others, it summons your courage and allows you to communicate what you need to say with enthusiasm, wisdom, and force of spirit. Black Lemurian jade is a stone of Ix Chel, and is a combination of jade, quartz, and pyrite. It helps you connect at the level of your heart center to the energies of Mother earth for healing, abundance, and joy.

Itzamna set:

My Itzamna set starts with an Itzamna pillar candle, made with sheets of organic beeswax in golden yellow and fire red, to invoke the Divine Masculine aspects of the Mayan sun god and ruler of Heaven. Each sheet of beeswax is anointed with my Itzamna perfume, and your candle will come wrapped with a custom blessing you can recite to stimulate your force of leadership and willpower.

After that is Itzamna perfume, a blend of dogwood, copal, and cardamon to empower and enkindle your inner fire. With a sunstone chip stone for an added infusion of fire and courage, use this empowering blend to embrace your power and make things happen.

You’ll also receive the herbs of Itzamna which include copal, dogwood bark, and dried chili. Dogwood is a tree sacred to Itzamna and the Mayan people. Copal is an ancient resin that will purify the space around you, healing and clearing all fields of energy within reach. Dried chili was a sacred plant to the Mayans as well, and it symbolizes the fire of the sun.

Lastly, the Itzamna gemstones include fire agate and red aventurine. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone. No matter what kind of inspiration you seek, it will give you the boost needed to get moving. If your energy needs a kick, a reinvigorating boost, this is your stone. Fire agate activates and heals the Root Chakra, helps with addiction recovery, shamanic journeying, and vision questing as a protective stone for astral travel. It seals holes in the auric field, so shamans and healers find it helpful when working with clients whose energy is depleted, porous, or toxic.

This listing is for one (1) Set Honoring Ix Chel and Itzamna, or either individual kit. Choose from the drop down menu as you feel called. Your tools will arrive lovingly gift-wrapped for your pleasure and delight.


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  1. One person found this helpful


    melissa morrow

    wow. this was an intuitive gift perfume with order i received. and i’m taken in by the oil. it’s very much those summer days long spent in the lake, lounging on the ski dock soaking in the rays with not a worry or care. it’s gotta be the magic at SG that it’s no afterthought this scent was picked. and it’s more than that. it’s this deep ancient power that holds roots and yet, doesn’t need to explain itself. it just it. it’s light but strong, it lasts on me. it’s subtle to. the more i wear it the more alive it takes to me. and i kept seeing/feeling golden labradorite. it hit me yesterday YES. TOTALLY is THE scent for golden labradorite. it’s everythign that stone composes-it’s light, intuitive, strong, reflective and all knowing without a word-it is the masculine power refined. and of course, by the way i must give it up to the story of these two, this eternal love affair divine. which first set my heart when i opened it, my twin has his ways from the other side and always is showing me our love story 🙂 so it’s deep and perfect. i would ofnever thought to get this scent. i love Ix Chel and have received little notes of her here and htere and it’s very cool to now receive her counterpart in such a divine scent. thank you lovelies you nail it every time

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  2. One person found this helpful

    Itzamna oil

    Sheaunna Guary

    I received Itzamna as a gift. I didn’t know about his story but when I put it on I felt brave and confident. The scent is beautiful the magic powerful. I highly recommend this oil

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  3. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    Enchanting and Powerful


    I love the scent of Itzamna; it smells like a summer day: sweet, spicy and yet floral. The stones are beautiful and thrum when I meditate with them. IxChel and I have a thing; I loved her scent as well, earthy, and it compliments Itzamna well: the two together smell lovely. I set up an altar to this celestial couple and allowed the candles burn to end to honor them. I loved it all.

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