Ancient Wisdom Set for accessing the primordial knowledge of the earth

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The earth is a vessel of vast knowledge, wisdom, and history that is stored in the trees, ocean beds, crystals and stones, molten lava, and more. Earth, in many regards, is antiquity itself. This Ancient Wisdom Set was created to help you access and tap into this deep reservoir of mystery and bring you closer to this information, while connecting you to the ancient wisdom that you hold within your very own body.

This set includes five stones: crinoid fossil, ammonite, septarian nodule fossil, dendritic agate, and stromatolite fossil – dating back hundreds of thousands of years – and comes with a bottle of my Wisdom Perfume. If you are looking to connect and ground into the inherent wisdom, magic, and energy of our great Mother Earth, then this Ancient Wisdom Set is your guide.

The tools of this Ancient Wisdom Set

One (1) crinoid fossil, about 2” in size. Approximately 625 species of crinoids still survive today, descendants of the crinoids that survived mass extinction at the end of the Permian. It is estimated that over 6,000 species of crinoids have lived on Earth. Crinoid fossils are extremely grounding and are great to work with during meditation. These pieces help to increase contemplation, thus leading to deeper spiritual growth and inner stability. Crinoid fossil helps transmute any negative energy around past misuse of spiritual power and teaches us how to sensibly use power and will.

One (1) ammonite, about 0.75” in size. Ammonite holds potent Earth healing medicine and is able to clear negative energies. This material has soaked up cosmic energy across eons and now serves as a powerful stimulant of Life Force energy. This fossil also embodies continual evolution and change, and serve as a talisman of growth, health, prosperity, success, and Kundalini awakening.

One (1) septarian nodule fossil, about 1.25” in size. Known as Dragon’s Stone, septarian nodule fossil is thought to contain the energy of all four elements. It is used during journey work to ground the space and open the bearer to universal wisdom. And most interesting of all, this stone is used for invisibility. You can use it to dispel interest in you or your appearance, if you wish to go unnoticed.

One (1) stromatolite fossil, about 1.5” in size. Stromatolite fossil is a unique specimen formed by beautiful concentric layers of fossilized layers of blue green algae – in rock sediment. These microorganisms are some of the oldest records of life on earth. Stromatolite fossils bring the energy of acceptance, helping you to understand life lessons and live your life with an open mind and heart, allowing new possibilities to flow in. They resonate most with the Root and Heart Chakras, cleansing them, to allow for increased energy flow between them.

One (1) tumbled dendritic agate, about 0.75” in size. Dendritic agate is a grounding stone that helps you be in the present moment. Known as the Stone of Plentitude, it brings energies of fullness and abundance. Dendritic agate is strongly connected to the earth, deepening our relationship to the Universe and our ancestors.

And lastly, you will receive one (1) 10 ml bottle of Wisdom Perfume – my newest perfume blend. This potion is full of earthy, woody, and grounding magic, and was intentionally created with notes of violet leaf absolute, sandalwood, and myrrh, the magical properties of which are enhanced by a smoky quartz chip stone. Sandalwood has the ability to bypass the conscious mind to access the subconscious, which makes it ideal for shamanic work. Sandalwood calms the mind and alleviates worry by relaxing the central nervous system. Myrrh is widely used in aromatherapy to encourage feelings of tranquility and serenity. The fragrance of this magical herb provides powerful healing for the mind, body, and spirit. This blend is rounded out by notes of violet leaf absolute: a lovely oil known to dispel anger and aid in cooling heated tempers. It also powerfully wards off evil spirits and protects against nightmares.

Note: The perfume in this set is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

This listing is for one (1) Ancient Wisdom Set, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the fossils, stones, and minerals.

Ancient Blessings,

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