Amen, A’ho, and So It Is Printed Plaques for faith and conviction

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The Universe always has a plan — always. These Amen, A’ho, and So It Is Printed Plaques are reminders of this Truth. Each plaque features one of my favorite expressions and signature sayings and is a reminder to keep the faith, in all things. Beautiful in their design, these plaques are printed with peacock feathers, florals, and a signature sprig of sage — bringing aesthetic and power to your sacred space. All is well, it is done, and it is so beloveds. Rest in the power of this Truth.

The deeper magic of these Amen, A’ho, and So It Is Printed Plaques

“Amen” is said at the end of a prayer or hymn and means “so be it”. A’ho is a Native American word that when used at the end of a prayer is similar in meaning to “Amen.” “So It Is” is the translation for Amen, which originally was translated to mean “This is the Truth”. When this expression “Amen, A’ho, and So It Is” is spoken, there is a certainty that is present, a knowing that everything that proceeded it is already done, handled, and moving in accordance with the Highest Good of ourselves and all involved. There is no room for doubt, only the conviction and unrelenting faith that what we speak is truth and is, therefore, so. When we say “Amen, A’ho, and So It Is,” we are unifying with Source releasing our prayer into Divine Law and confidently stating “This is the Truth!” From this space of certainty, prayers are answered and miracles experienced.

Use your Amen, A’ho, and So It Is Printed Plaque as decor for your altar or to add art to your walls at home or work. Allow the words of these plaques to remind you that all is handled and that when you put your faith in the Universe, It will show up in ways unimaginable.

This listing is for one (1) Amen, A’ho, and So It Is Printed Plaque. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, for your enjoyment and delight.

And so it is,

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