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Come into complete spiritual balance with this 9 Chakra Gemstone Energetic Alignment Wall Hanging! This wall hanging was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with nine crystals — one for healing each chakra — all set between metal symbols of each chakra. It includes rainbow moonstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, amazonite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, peach moonstone, red aventurine, and black tourmaline.

Chakras are energy centers within and surrounding your physical body. Working with them allows you to improve your energy flow, which is the key to everything you desire. By shifting and moving into healthy energetic alignment, you’ll feel better, happier, and more at peace. Hang this offering anywhere in your space to stimulate the positive flow of life force energy and encourage total wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Learn more about the chakra system and how to bring more balance and healing into your life with my book “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras.”

The deeper magic of this 9 Chakra Gemstone Energetic Alignment Wall Hanging

This wall hanging features the following tumbled stones (each stone about 1”):

Rainbow moonstone, sourced from India to activate the Soul Star Chakra — your connection to the stars and other dimensions. It’s a feldspar mineral that, despite its name, is not ‘moonstone.’ It’s a transparent variety of labradorite with the same flashy adularescence that shines in a light blue color from within — it gets its name from its ability to channel the vibrations of Luna’s cycle and is specifically associated with the full moon phase.

  • Gem of fruition and completion that represents possibility, magic, fullness, gratitude, and expansion.
  • Seems to vibrate more powerfully than other moonstones, amplifying its properties.
  • Helps us celebrate our progress and give thanks for the abundance in our lives and boosts manifestation power.
  • Brings joy, clears the emotional body, purifies, and transmutes negative energy.

Amethyst, sourced from Brazil to activate the Crown Chakra — your center of divine wisdom, faith, and higher realm connection. It’s all about Source connection and spirituality. Amethyst’s purple hue comes from natural gamma rays from deep within the Earth interacting with its iron inclusions.

  • Can help you fall and stay asleep and enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies.
  • Promotes balance, unity, peace, purification, detoxification, and spiritual evolution.
  • Its name comes from the ancient Greek word ‘amethystos,’ which means ‘not drunk.’

Lapis lazuli, sourced from Afghanistan to activate the Third Eye Chakra — your center of intuition and psychic ability. It’s an incredibly empowering stone that heightens inner vision and deepens wisdom. This gem gets its intense blue color from the presence of sulfur, and it was even ground into a powder in ancient times to make ultramarine, the most prized of all blue pigments.

  • Known as the Queen’s Stone, and its history is intertwined with centuries of gods, goddesses, queens, and kings — Cleopatra even prized it.
  • Evokes your inner priestess, goddess, and queen in ways most stones don’t.
  • Represents our innate intuition, power, telepathic conductivity, and spiritual growth.
  • Brings confidence, self-esteem, courage, and good fortune.
  • Affects the heart and the inner eye — both representations of our means of perceiving and processing the world around us.

Amazonite, sourced from Brazil to activate the Throat Chakra — your center of truth and communication. This stone radiates such sweet, freeing energy. It’s a form of feldspar that is said to have earned its name when it was discovered near the Amazon River. Its magic heals communication patterns and soothes emotional trauma.

  • Helps you speak your truth loud, strong, and with assurance. If you struggle to get the right words out and say what you really mean, this stone will change your life.
  • Encourages speaking your truth clearly with ease and confidence.
  • Heals unhealthy communication patterns and assists you in having difficult conversations with ease, and opens the door to heartfelt sharing.
  • Absorbs and transmutes electromagnetic pollution — the energies from your phone and computer that can be unhealthy for you to receive and absorb day in and day out.

Green aventurine, sourced from Brazil to activate the Heart Chakra — your center of love, kindness, and compassion. It’s the stone of growth — whatever it touches flourishes. Green aventurine is a quartz-based mineral that has a glittery green sheen caused by fuchsite inclusions for an added boost of love and healing.

  • Boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects, this is your crystal ally!
  • Opens your heart to receive your blessings, and is especially helpful to students or new business ventures.
  • Inspires new ideas and forward motion and brings good fortune and good luck of all kinds.
  • Great choice for crystal grids, and placing it in or near your household plants will give them a boost of growing power, too!

Yellow aventurine, sourced from Brazil to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra — your center of personal power and confidence. It’s a great stone to work with when you’re ready to evolve, elevate, and expand. This gem is a member of the quartz family that gets its yellow hue from inclusions of mica, adding energies of physical and spiritual healing.

  • Boosts vitality and action, invokes fearless adventure and confidence, and empowers you through lived experiences.
  • Heals relationships, helps with manifestation, and strengthens your personal power.
  • A powerful healer of the heart and spirit that brings you into the present moment and inspires you to grow.
  • Attuned to the Golden Ray, invoking compassion and understanding while alleviating grief and centering your emotions.
  • Transmutes negative emotions and stimulates the positive flow of chi throughout your body.

Peach moonstone, sourced from India to activate the Sacral Chakra — your center of passion, pleasure, and creative power. This gem is part of the feldspar family and displays the same shimmering adularescence as other moonstone varieties. It features inclusions of hematite that result in its fiery orange inner glow and add a gorgeous metallic sheen.

  • The emotional healer of the moonstone family.
  • Boosts creativity and brings artistic inspiration.
  • A manifestation stone that’s especially useful in manifesting creative ideas and projects.
  • Helps you see beneath the surface of your challenges, feel your feelings, and go with the flow.
  • Improves dream recall and harnesses the creative powers of the moon phases.
  • Builds excitement about what lies ahead in life and supports you as you tap into your true creative potential.

Red aventurine, sourced from India to activate the Root Chakra — your center of grounding and stability. It gets its color from inclusions of hematite and goethite, bringing powerful protection and grounding. If you need to get through something challenging, red aventurine helps you stay alert and determined.

  • The ultimate ‘can-do’ stone that clears trauma, gets your blood flowing, and releases stored toxins.
  • Calms excess energies and increases focus and mental alertness.
  • Brings strength and regeneration, supporting recovery after illness.
  • No matter what kind of inspiration you seek, this stone will give you the boost needed to get moving as well as the perseverance to sustain your momentum.

Black tourmaline, sourced from Mexico to activate the Earth Star Chakra — your connection to Mother Earth, the ancestors, and the crystal and mineral spirits — as well as the Root Chakra. It’s the MOST protective stone you can work with — it protects people, places, and things. This gem gets its deep black color from high concentrations of iron, manganese, and titanium, enhancing strength and inner power.

  • A gem of divine and psychic protection that creates an energetic shield around you, deflecting negativity and preventing loss and theft.
  • Even in the midst of chaotic situations, this stone acts like a vacuum cleaner, clearing negativity.
  • Grounding and also brings awareness, love, and divine wisdom. It counteracts energy depletion, wards off nightmares, and generally keeps you feeling safe and well.

Keep this 9 Chakra Gemstone Energetic Alignment Wall Hanging in your bedroom or meditation room, above your altar, or anywhere you wish to infuse with harmonizing energies. However you choose to work with this offering, may it help you attain the energetic balance you seek. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) 9 Chakra Gemstone Energetic Alignment Wall Hanging (about 3×51”). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.


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  1. One person found this helpful

    Chakra body wall hanging


    The chakra wall hanging is made with good quality metal, stones & vibrant colors. I wish it came with a paper explaining each chakra, with each stone.

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  2. One person found this helpful

    Buy This


    This makes a prefect gift for anyone on your list. I plan on purchasing this as a gift for my friend’s yoga studio and one for my other friend’s Reiki room.
    Ii is beautiful, has some weight to it, it’s unique and the stones add a beautiful touch of gentle healing to it.
    But one for yourself as well.

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  3. Substantial piece


    Well made and substantial. The colors of the metal pieces are bright and appealing and the stones are a good size and nicely paired.

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  4. Beautiful


    This wall hanging is absolutely stunning and vibrational! It has so much positive energy! I absolutely love it! I plan on getting another in the future for another room in my new apartment..

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