• Winter Magic Incense Blend

      for seasonal enchantment

      Infuse your home with fragrant, seasonal enchantment with my Winter Magic Incense Blend, lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This beautiful loose incense blend harnesses the power of sacred wise trees and gifts of the wise men with myrrh, white sage leaf, red...
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    • Gold Body Wash and Rose Quartz Dry Brush Duo

      for self-care

      <p>Soothe your skin and soul as you support your spiritual transformation with this self-care set. It includes Gold Body Wash, as well as a rose quartz hand brush for gentle exfoliation and increased circulation.</p>
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    • Soul Shift 2021 Gold Perfume

      to support your evolution

      My Soul Shift 2021 Gold Perfume is BACK to continue supporting your transformational journey! One of the supreme goals of any alchemist is to metaphorically turn lead into gold, and I’ve created this incredibly special blend to embody that kind of magic. This is the...
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    • Nectar Perfume and Intention Candle Set

      for joy

      Call an influx of uplifting, freeing energy into every facet of your life with this Nectar Perfume and Intention Candle Set! This offering is inspired by the hummingbird animal spirit — a symbol of joy, wonder, and lightness of being. This tiny yet mighty bird...
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    • October 2023 Living Incense

      for epigenetics & ancestral healing

      Clear your space and welcome deep transformation and ancestral healing with my October 2023 Living Incense. This handcrafted incense is made with a blend of nettle, fumitory, wormwood, chaparral, copal, calendula, elm, and skullcap. It’s also infused with essential oils of oakmoss, rosewood, immortelle, tobacco,...
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    • Labyrinth Perfume

      for finding your authentic self

      If you missed out on my Journey Back to Self Sagittarius Full Moon Set, now’s the chance to get in on some of the magic! If you are looking to explore the unknown - both internally and externally - my Labyrinth Perfume is your perfect...
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    • Samhain Black Ball Wheel of the Year Set

      for ritual with Athena

      I’m so excited to share my Samhain Black Ball Wheel of the Year Set with you – a custom Sage Goddess offering that we’ll work with together in ritual. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Samhain, and this set is all about celebrating...
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