• Tumbled Starry Jasper

    for protection during physical and astral travel

    $ 2.00
    I’m completely mesmerized every time I gaze at this stone. This Tumbled Starry Jasper is gorgeous – a combination of red, black, and white jasper with veins of sparkly pyrite. This gem offers deep protection during astral and physical traveling. Keep starry jasper with you...
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  • Guide Perfume

    for magic through the darkness

    $ 32.00
    My Guide Perfume was created to light your way through the darkness of the new moon. This blend was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with amber, oak, and various spice notes. It’s also infused with labradorite, blue apatite, and clear quartz chip stones...
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  • Fire Red Aura Quartz Cluster

    for passion and willpower

    $ 7.00$ 27.00
    What is your passion - your purpose on this planet? This Fire Red Aura Quartz Cluster will help you find it and give you the willpower and stability to pursue it. Beyond its gorgeous, vibrant appearance, this gem boosts life force and connects you deeply...
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  • Natural Lamprophyllite for mental clarity and actualizing your purpose

    $ 29.00$ 34.00
    When you’re grounded, you are empowered to move in a way that supports your highest good. That’s the magic and medicine of this rare Natural Lamprophyllite. These pieces are from the Sengischorr Mountain in Russia and are beautiful. Lamprophyllite, also known as pyrophyllite grows in a...
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