• Natural Jadeite

      for strength, health, luck, and financial growth

      If you were on my Facebook live with Jose during our SG Online Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, you caught a glimpse of jadeite. This Natural Jadeite is from northeast Brazil and let me tell you - it’s a BEAUTY and is super rare to...
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    • Tumbled Prehnite

      for peace and healing the healer

      Are you an energy healer, Reiki practitioner, caregiver, or someone in the medical field? If so, this Tumbled Prehnite is the medicine you need to support you as you help heal others. Prehnite is the gem that heals the healer. It also brings peace and...
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    • Tumbled Moss Agate – Small

      for healing and strength

      <p>Work with this Tumbled Moss Agate for wellness and well-being, resilience, and courage.</p>
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