• Tumbled Hematite

    for gentle grounding and protection

    If you’re wanting to dig deep into Gaia’s protective and loving embrace, then this Tumbled Hematite is for you. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet! It’s a potent binder of cosmic energy that helps contain unwanted forces and blocks energetic and psychic...
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  • Tumbled Spurrite

    for optimism and a new attitude

    Embrace a positive outlook even in times of chaos with this Tumbled Spurrite. This stone is NEW to Sage Goddess and was sourced from New Mexico, USA. Spurrite was named for the American geologist who collected the first specimens of this gem, Josiah Edward Spurr....
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  • Tumbled Botswana Agate for drawing your muse and expressing your gifts to the world

    When I found Botswana agate I fell completely in love. Swoon! It's the most beautiful you will ever find, in part because I bought it directly from an international source who otherwise does not sell in the United States. I am so excited to be...
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  • Tumbled Yellow Apatite for a spectacular Solar Plexus awakening

    These tumbled yellow apatite pieces are striking. They’re some of the highest quality yellow apatite I have ever had in my shop. This gem is perhaps the most sought-after color of the apatite family. While delicate, yellow apatite makes things happen. Known in metaphysical circles...
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  • Tumbled Manganese

    for healing and grounded connection

    If you’re feeling disconnected from your inner drive or the people in your life, then this Tumbled Manganese is the offering for you. Manganese is a healing mineral that’s usually found in the delicate fern-like tendrils of dendritic stones, spreading out like magical tree branches...
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  • Tumbled Green Tourmaline

    for love and compassion

    Invite the energies of love and compassion into your life with this Tumbled Green Tourmaline. Green tourmaline resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings the energies of union and integration, as well as wisdom and discernment in love. It’s a renowned stone for metaphysical work...
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  • Tumbled Healer’s Gold

    to manifest power and health

    Manifest your inner power and vibrant health with this Tumbled Healer’s Gold stone from India. Healer’s gold is made up of black magnetite with golden pyrite. The properties of these two stones are brilliant together. Healer’s gold is a helpful ally for anyone who engages...
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  • Medium Tumbled Rose Quartz

    for manifesting all kinds of love

    Whether you wish to manifest love in your romantic relationships, friendships, or even with yourself, this Medium Tumbled Rose Quartz is your offering. Rose quartz is the Mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and all kinds of love....
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  • Tumbled Rhodochrosite

    Qty- 1 bag Stone Sizes: .75"-1" Weight: 1 lb Rhodochrosite brings compassion, helping you to be gentle with yourself and others as you emerge from heartbreak or loss. It helps you to get in touch with your inner child, reminding you that you’re a free,...
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  • Tumbled Mexican Turquoise Specimens for empowered communication

    The swirling azure hues of these tumbled Mexican turquoise specimens will draw you in, while their abundant Throat Chakra enlivening energies will help you on your journey to recognizing and expressing your deepest truths, both new and old. Such a potent yet gentle stone. Turquoise...
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  • Tumbled Black Obsidian for gentle grounding and spotlighting your inner strength

    These tumbled black obsidian stones are deceivingly complex, beautiful expressions of volcanic eruptions. Like all obsidian stones, these gorgeous specimens were formed from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. What I really enjoy about these stones is...
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  • African Green Tourmaline for deep healing, protection, and grounding

    This African green tourmaline is truly a stone of Mother Gaia. The dark, deep greens and brownish hues found in these pieces are reminiscent of the colors of the earthy forests and arid, desert plains. Tourmaline can be found all over the world and in...
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  • Rare Iolite with Sunstone for empowerment and removal of blockages

    Tumbled iolite with sunstone is a first for my shop! These tumbled pieces are gemmy and top quality. This beautiful stone is very difficult to source, and it’s a power stone - one for those seeking to increase their psychic potential. These pieces bring together...
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  • Tumbled Rare Black Beryl for subtle but strong protection

    Black beryl is a very rare mineral, and a first for my shop. You don’t find this stone often as it is quite new to the metaphysical and even geological world. The unusual coloring occurs from inclusions of black spinel. These inclusions are formed in...
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  • Rare Freeform Dioptase Specimens from Tucson for deep shamanic work

    This form of dioptase is an anomaly. You just don't find it like this, and this size. I got these beautiful, green glittering gems from my Tucson gem show hunt for you. Dioptase, also known as Congo Emerald, comes from the Congo Region of Africa...
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  • Large Tumbled Blue Kyanite for centering, presence, and alignment

    Blue kyanite is a MAGICAL stone that I can’t keep in stock because of the high demand. But I’ve never been able to source or offer this quality of kyanite before. These are gorgeous, huge, gemmy pieces that could (and should!) be used in jewelry...
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