• Caregiver Gemstone Duo

    for peace and healing

    This Caregiver Gemstone Duo goes out to those who dedicate themselves to bettering the well-being of everyone around them. In honor of Nurses Week and caretakers everywhere, this gemstone duo is here to bring you the calming, loving energy you deserve — because those who...
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  • Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix

    for restoring energy

    Boost your energy with this Tumbled Cuprite in Copper Matrix. Cuprite increases and refines your energy levels, providing a reboot for anyone in need of strength, vitality, encouragement, and support. It activates the Root Chakra and helps you release fear and trauma typically stored in...
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  • Mary Perfume

    for unconditional love and protection

    My Mary Perfume honors the Virgin Mary and her otherworldly sense of love and compassion. Custom-made here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, this perfume is a blend of angelica for protection, rose for healing, and cedarwood for support, and it’s infused with a rose quartz chip...
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  • Tumbled Black Lemurian Jade for psychic protection and inner journeying

    Black Lemurian jade is a rare combo of jade, magnetite, pyrite, and quartz. It harnesses and magnifies the properties of these stones helping to uplift, ground, support, and nourish you. This gem is hugely protective and acts as an energetic bodyguard, clearing your aura of...
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