• Natural Burmese Spinel

    for manifestation and wisdom

    Make your dreams a reality with this Natural Burmese Spinel. Spinel is a manifestation stone that helps you go with the flow, allowing energies to manifest through you. It’s one of the oldest and rarest stones on the planet - the record keeper of all...
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  • Tumbled Congo Citrine

    for wealth and abundance

    Manifest financial prosperity like it’s your job with this Tumbled Congo Citrine! This polished mega abundance gem hails from the most remote regions of the Congo. Citrine is a powerful stone of manifestation and money magic and the perfect tool to work with for all...
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  • Natural Bastnaesite

    for grounding your dreams in reality

    Manifest from a grounded place with this Natural Bastnaesite from Pakistan! Bastnaesite is one of the earth's rare carbonate minerals, first discovered in a mine in Sweden in the 1800s. It’s a stone of manifestation that boosts creativity to support turning your dreams into reality....
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  • Angel Aura Citrine Generator

    to call in abundance and attract prosperity

    Call in abundance - especially of the financial kind - and attract prosperity with this dazzling Angel Aura Citrine Generator! Angel aura citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra crystal that increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity. It’s a powerful stone of manifestation and money magic...
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  • Peach Moonstone Pyramids for a vortex of creativity

    Fire up your creative powers and dream big with these Peach Moonstone Pyramids. Peach moonstone is a powerful Sacral Chakra gemstone that helps with manifestation and creativity. It’s the perfect gem to keep close when working on a new project and when imagining and dreaming...
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  • Egyptian Power Pillars for flow of energy, confidence, and strength

    These Egyptian Power Pillars are potent tools for connecting to ancient technology and unlocking the wisdom nestled within your very self. Carved from yellow aventurine, each of these pieces carries the strengthening and confidence-boosting properties of yellow aventurine and the energy-conducting power of the obelisk....
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