• Tumbled Blue Lace Agate

    for confident communication

    Say goodbye to unclear and unconfident communication with this Tumbled Blue Lace Agate, sourced from South Africa. Blue lace agate helps you open your Throat Chakra to speak your truth from the heart. If you’re afraid or uncomfortable sharing your inner wisdom and ideas with...
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  • Tumbled Green Onyx

    for calm and endurance

    This beautiful Tumbled Green Onyx from Pakistan combines softness and strength in one piece. Green onyx opens your heart space, allowing for greater healing. It has all the properties of black onyx, such as protection, courage, concentration, stability, and power, with an emphasis on emotional...
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  • Goddess Athena’s Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone

    for strategy

    On the lookout for a talisman of wisdom, courage, and strategy? I have something special for you from India: Goddess Athena’s Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone. Tiger’s eye is known as the Stone of Empowerment and is associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of warfare, justice,...
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  • Amazonite Clear Communication Bracelet

    for truth

    Keep your interactions cool, calm, and heartfelt with this gorgeous Amazonite Clear Communication Bracelet. This stretch bracelet is made from beautiful amazonite beads from India. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy! Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra and encourages speaking your truth clearly with...
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  • Lapis Lazuli Cat Paw

    for confidence and intuition

    Bring some powerful feline energy and confidence into your life with this Lapis Lazuli Cat Paw from India! If you haven’t already, meet the Queen’s Stone: Lapis lazuli. Lapis is incredibly empowering. It brings out your inner priestess, heightens inner vision, and deepens wisdom. Its...
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  • Grossularite Green Garnet Prosperity Pendant

    for wealth in all areas

    If wealth and abundance are what you want, then prepare to draw it to you with this Grossularite Green Garnet Prosperity Pendant. This pendant features a pencil-point-shaped grossularite green garnet suspended from a .925 sterling silver bail. Grossularite green garnet is a potent prosperity stone...
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  • Red Aventurine: Large Tumbled

    for regeneration and recovery

    Bounce back from ANYTHING with this Tumbled Red Aventurine. If you need to get through something tough - staying alert and determined, red aventurine is your ally. Red aventurine is your “can-do” stone and clears trauma and releases stored toxins. It’s also regenerating, strengthening, and...
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  • Tiger’s Eye Snake Carvings

    for transformation, empowerment, and wisdom

    Do you find yourself shedding energetic and emotional skin? Are you releasing old ways of being and doing? If so, these Tiger’s Eye Snake Carvings are your talisman to facilitate new beginnings with confidence and insight. Known as the Counsel Stone, tiger’s eye brings wisdom,...
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  • Wise Power Red Tiger’s Eye Spheres

    for vitality, vigor, and vim

    Are there areas in your life where you can feel a bit more empowered? Do you need some help in connecting to your inner strength and fortitude? If so, these Wise Power Red Tiger’s Eye Spheres are for you. Red tiger’s eye is a stimulating...
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  • Natural Pyrite for confidence, self-worth, vitality, and possibility

    Let your confidence radiate with this Natural Pyrite! This shimmery gem reminds you of your self-worth and encourages you to shine in your power. It enlivens your self-image and connects you to the warmth of the Sun, helping you remember your ability to be a...
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  • Tiger’s Eye Cat Carvings for empowerment, confidence, and balance

    If you’re looking to feel empowered and balanced, these Tiger’s Eye Cat Carvings are a perfect addition to your space. Tiger’s eye is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone of empowerment and confidence. It’s associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, the arts, and strategic...
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  • Egyptian Power Pillars for flow of energy, confidence, and strength

    These Egyptian Power Pillars are potent tools for connecting to ancient technology and unlocking the wisdom nestled within your very self. Carved from yellow aventurine, each of these pieces carries the strengthening and confidence-boosting properties of yellow aventurine and the energy-conducting power of the obelisk....
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