• Tucson Finds: Natural Etched Fluorite

      for finding your purpose

      $32.85 - $47.45 with coupon code
      <p>Fluorite reveals your life purpose and helps with soul pathing, the process of creating a path for your future that’s in alignment with your spiritual gifts and calling.</p>
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    • Double Terminated Crazy Lace Agate Happy Wand

      for joy

      $14.60 - $18.25 with coupon code
      Find joy and laughter during difficult times with this Double Terminated Crazy Lace Agate Happy Wand sourced from Mexico. Crazy lace agate, also known as the Laugher Stone or Happy Lace, is a beautiful Root and Solar Plexus Chakra stone that encourages you to stay...
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    • Natural Orange Calcite

      for passion and pleasure

      $0.73 - $2.19 with coupon code
      Unleash your passion with this Natural Orange Calcite from Mexico. Orange calcite is a stone of endurance, charisma, and sexual energy. It’s an aphrodisiac that activates the Sacral Chakra for intensified creativity, pleasure, and passion. Orange calcite is the perfect gem for artists and creatives....
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    • Golden Sheen Obsidian Natural-Sided Generator

      for shadow work

      $27.01 with coupon code
      This Golden Sheen Obsidian Natural-Sided Generator was custom-made for Sage Goddess in Mexico, and it’s a powerful tool for shadow work. Golden sheen obsidian cleanses the auric field and transmutes low vibrations, helping you overcome judgment, fear, and uncertainty and rise into a more illuminated...
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    • Small Tumbled Rainbow Obsidian

      for emotional recovery

      $1.46 with coupon code
      Welcome deep emotional recovery into your life with this Small Tumbled Rainbow Obsidian from Mexico. Rainbow obsidian is the stone of letting go. Powerful and supportive, it cradles you during life’s storms and strengthens you as you release the old and make way for the...
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