• Transform in Love Dendritic Pink Opal Generator

      $36.50 - $51.10 with coupon code
      Restore your hope in love and life with this Transform in Love Dendritic Pink Opal Generator. This extraordinary piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a unique find from Indonesia that contains captivating swirls of beauty. Most dendritic opal is white or purple,...
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    • Mini Angelite Slice

      for celestial communication

      $0.73 - $1.83 with coupon code
      Communicate with the celestial realms with this Mini Angelite Slice. This lovely gem was sourced from Peru. Angelite is a master healer stone that brings peace, mindfulness, compassion, and celestial connection. It attracts the presence of angels, easing stress and tension. Angelite is helpful regarding...
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    • Tumbled Que Sera Stone

      for tenderness and peace

      $2.19 with coupon code
      Tenderly transform with this Tumbled Que Sera Stone. I consider this the “motherhood stone” because it keeps your mind calm and your heart open, which is so important when raising children or cultivating any relationship in your life. This stone links the powers of healing...
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