• Boom Shiva Ritual Incense

    for divination and astral travel

    $ 19.00
    Boom Shiva is BACK in the shop! Whoop whoop! My Boom Shiva Ritual Incense is a magical herb blend that contains ingredients used for centuries to support astral travel, divination, and vision quests. Those of you who’ve been SG customers for a while probably know...
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  • Return Perfume

    to journey back after spiritual work

    $ 39.00$ 49.00
    It’s time to come home with my Return Perfume! This is like nothing you’ve ever smelled from SG before - truly a new and powerful blend for your collection. In journey, there’s a callback, or signal, to come back to who and where you are,...
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  • Mini Desert Sage Smudge Bundles for healing, clearing, and protection

    $ 6.00
    Clear out negative vibrations, protect your space, and bring in healing energy with these Mini Desert Sage Smudge Bundles! Desert sage has a warm, earthy fragrance that is cleansing, purifying, and protective. It’s also ideal for preparing yourself and your space before divination or spiritual...
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  • Natural Green Zebra Jasper for motivation and determination

    $ 3.00
    Do you often feel scattered and ungrounded, unable to complete tasks or projects? If so, this Natural Green Zebra Jasper is your ally. This is a rarity in the gem world, as most green jasper is more commonly offered as tumbled stones. Green zebra jasper...
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  • Large Desert Sage Smudge Bundles for enhancing your psychic abilities

    $ 16.00
    These Large Desert Sage Smudge Bundles are the perfect tools to work with as you clean and clear your home before your meditation practice. They’re made in the old ways, with the best grade leaves. Hailed across the world for its incredible purifying properties, desert...
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