• Banded Orange Calcite Passion Generator

    $ 34.00$ 109.00
    Ignite your inner fire with this Banded Orange Calcite Passion Generator from China! This generator’s banding alternates between orange and white calcite, bringing a powerful fusion of fiery passion and spiritual clarity. Orange calcite is a Sacral Chakra stone of endurance, charisma, and sexual energy....
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  • Portal Perfume

    for journeying and spiritual development

    $ 34.00
    Portal Perfume is baaaack, by popular request. This fragrance is unlike any other in the Sage Goddess collection. Portal is entirely pure essential oil and resin absolute based, deep and a little heavy, yet light and intoxicating. It has notes of vetiver, dark patchouli, and...
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  • Natural Triplite

    for alignment, integration, and creativity

    $ 3.00$ 6.00
    This Natural Triplite is a special treat directly from Pakistan. Triplite is a rare stone and its name comes from the Greek triplos, meaning triple, referring to this gem’s structure. Triplite aligns with the Root, Sacral, Heart, and Crown Chakras, helping integrate the physical, emotional,...
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  • Natural Purpurite

    for spiritual development and freedom

    $ 2.00$ 11.00
    Experience your spiritual truth with this gorgeous Natural Purpurite from South Africa. Purpurite is a stone of freedom and spiritual development that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown. It’s also a stone of psychic protection that cleanses...
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