• Spiritual Ascension Satyaloka Quartz Generator

      Looking to bring a mega-boost of high-vibrational energy to your spiritual work? Take your practice to dazzling new heights with this Spiritual Ascension Satyaloka Quartz Generator, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Satyaloka quartz is an extremely rare gemstone that acts as a catalyst for spiritual...
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    • Intuitively Chosen Merkaba Pendant

      for ascension

      Ascend into the higher realms with this NEW Intuitively Chosen Merkaba Pendant. It features a Merkaba carving in seven gemstone options with a silver-colored bail and chain. My team will intuitively choose the gemstone meant for you. You may receive: Green aventurine for growth, unakite...
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    • Spiritual Awareness White Apophyllite Crystal Clusters

      With the physical distancing we have to practice today, it’s easy to feel disconnected. These Spiritual Awareness White Apophyllite Crystal Clusters will help restore your faith and remind you that we’re all intimately interconnected. Alive with the magic of the heavens, these gems serve as...
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