• Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification

    $ 39.00$ 54.00
    This Shungite Octahedral Pyramid of Purification was custom-made for Sage Goddess in India, and it’s the ultimate tool for energetic clearing - especially in the realm of abundance. Shungite is THE most powerful energetic filter. The ancient Romans even used it to line their aqueducts...
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  • Light Bringer Candle Quartz

    for raising the planetary vibrations

    $ 6.00$ 36.00
    I’m so elated to offer for the first time this Light Bringer Candle Quartz - straight from Madagascar! We’ve had lithium candle quartz in the shop before, but never pure candle quartz without the lithium inclusions. This gorgeous piece is opaque in color. It’s a...
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  • Unlocked Perfume for spiritual abundance and facilitating past life-recall

    $ 39.00
    Unlocked Perfume was created for ritual and sacred work. It’s a retrieval blend, a scent talisman designed to facilitate the retrieval of lost memories and experiences from this lifetime and those previous. Its scent is fresh, bright, citrusy. The creation of this perfume was inspired...
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