• Blue Lotus Perfume

      for spiritual growth & transformation

      $29.64 with coupon code
      <p>This perfume is ready to elevate your consciousness and kick your psychic abilities into high gear. Blue lotus is a water lily that has an intoxicating fragrance that alters and elevates consciousness.</p>
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    • Blue Apatite Guidance Pillar

      for spirit guide connection

      $25.84 - $41.04 with coupon code
      Welcome a closer connection to your teachers and guides with this Blue Apatite Guidance Pillar. The stone for this stunning carving was sourced from Madagascar. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re always with us, showing us...
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    • Divine Guidance Celestite Geode Sphere

      for angelic connection

      $22.04 - $56.24 with coupon code
      Connect to the angelic realms with this Divine Guidance Celestite Geode Sphere. Celestite is alive with beautiful, angelic energies of tranquility, harmony, and peace. It possesses a soft, serene vibration that soothes and comforts the spirit. One of the simplest and most perfect forms, the...
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    • Divine Masters Elder Council Grid

      for spiritual guidance

      $52.44 with coupon code
      This Divine Masters Elder Council Grid, originally part of my Divine Masters Elder Council Set, is now available on its own. Elder Council is a meditation I lead for my Soul Shift members to facilitate connection with your spiritual team. When I seek deep, life-altering...
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    • Tumbled Blue Apatite

      for celestial connection and intuition

      $2.28 with coupon code
      Connect with your intuition and the powers-that-be with this Tumbled Blue Apatite! Blue apatite is a guidance stone and brings the wisdom of teachers, spirit guides, elders, angels, and archangels. We all have spirit guides who want to help us embody our highest purpose. They’re...
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    • Angel Aura Quartz Cluster

      for psychic awareness

      $6.84 - $18.24 with coupon code
      Experience new levels of psychic awareness with this Angel Aura Quartz Cluster. Angel aura is a treatment of platinum, silver, and gold bonded to a gem - in this piece, to quartz. Angel aura quartz’s iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows stimulates both body and spirit...
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