• Soul Shift Exclusive Gateway Perfume Bottle Holder

    Soul Shifters, I know how special your gateway perfumes are – that’s why I had this Soul Shift Exclusive Gateway Perfume Bottle Holder custom-made for you! This holder is made of iron with a copper coating, and it’s a beautiful and elegant way to display...
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  • Labradorite Energy Key

    to align the chakras for possibility

    Align your chakras and create a flow of possibility with this Labradorite Energy Key. I designed this special crystal healing tool and it was custom-made just for SG in India. It’s a four-directional transformation gridding and healing tool with a unique cross-shape. This piece is...
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  • Femelder Council Perfume

    for honoring your matrilineal

    For the first time since its inception, I’m launching a complete 2.0 version of Elder Council Perfume: Femelder Council Perfume. This version is for your female line, your matrilineal, honoring the female forces of creation that conspired to bring you to life. They offer you...
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  • Angelofos Soul Shift Stickers

    to honor and celebrate your journey

    Calling all Soul Shifters! You asked and we listened! Fun and artistically beautiful, these custom SG Angelofos Soul Shift Stickers feature the 13 symbols from this year’s teachings. With the same design as my Angelofos Soul Shift Flash Tattoos, they’re the perfect way to celebrate...
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  • Soul Shift Angelofos Charm Bracelets

    for sacred adornment

    Calling all Soul Shifters! An SG exclusive, these Soul Shift Angelofos Charm Bracelets feature the 13 Angelofos symbols from this year’s teachings. They’re the perfect way to celebrate and honor the work you’ve done this year. There are no words to describe how proud I...
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  • Secret Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Generators

    for intuiting ancient messages

    You’ve never seen anything like these gorgeous Secret Wisdom Sanskrit Jasper Generators! The beauty of Sanskrit jasper is in the lines. When carefully observed, these lines resemble actual Sanskrit, and within the lines are messages waiting for you to intuit them. Sanskrit jasper will connect...
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  • Shadow Shift Stickers for illumination and transformational work

    From September to November, Soul Shift will become Soul Shift Shadow Series and these stickers celebrate the launch of this new phase. This is the time we’re called to go deep within to uncover all that has been hidden in the shadows and is ready...
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  • Carrier Oil Class Toolkit for working with the magic of oils

    This Carrier Oil Class Toolkit is filled with tools from my SG Soul Shift Bonus Class offered in April! In this bonus class, we explored the world of carrier oils and how to work with them! In this set, you’ll have the option of receiving...
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