• Empowered by Peace Golden Gel Lepidolite Obelisk

      <p>Golden gel lepidolite is so translucent that light shines right through it, illuminating it with a shimmery glow. This gem activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, granting you the courage, power, and confidence to manifest your desires.</p>
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    • Tumbled African Citrine

      for money manifestation

      This Tumbled African Citrine is a powerful tool for manifestation and perfect for harnessing the energies of expansion and fruition! Citrine is a powerful manifestation and money magic gemstone. It’s known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it brings luck and prosperity to business. Citrine heals...
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    • Yellow Aventurine Adventuring Leaf

      for growth and change

      The fall season is in full swing, and it’s time to ready ourselves for transition and new adventures. This NEW Yellow Aventurine Adventuring Leaf is your perfect ally for boosting confidence during times of growth and change. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess,...
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    • Natural Golden Enhydro Crystal

      for empowerment

      This Natural Golden Enhydro Crystal is like a genie’s lamp – laden with golden magic that will ignite your innermost desire, passion, and willpower to help you manifest your deepest visions. Golden enhydro is also known as petroleum quartz or golden enhydro Pakimer diamond. It...
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    • Empowering Pyrite Bracelet

      for confidence and strength

      It’s BACK! Realize your full potential with the help of this Empowering Pyrite Bracelet. This stretch bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, with rondelle beads carved from pyrite sourced from Peru. Pyrite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra for confidence, inner strength, and self-worth. It’s...
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    • Tumbled Sunstone

      for a jolt of creative spark, enthusiasm, and passion

      Awaken your creativity and passion with this Tumbled Sunstone. This gem carries the energy of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, bringing benevolence and positive energy to your sacred space. It activates the Sacral Chakra for creativity, passion, and enthusiasm and also energizes the Solar Plexus...
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    • Tumbled Starry Jasper

      for protection during physical and astral travel

      I’m completely mesmerized every time I gaze at this stone. This Tumbled Starry Jasper is gorgeous – a combination of red, black, and white jasper with veins of sparkly pyrite. This gem offers deep protection during astral and physical traveling. Keep starry jasper with you...
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    • Yellow Cat’s Eye Moon

      for magnified intuition and optimism

      Embrace your inner wisdom with joy with this NEW Yellow Cat’s Eye Moon! Cat’s eye is a man-made stone that contains the chemical properties of quartz and other natural glass. It’s composed of ulexite, which is spun glass fibers fused together and then machine-cut to...
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    • Denver Unpacking: Natural Yellow Apatite

      for manifestation

      I have yet another incredible offering from the Denver Gem Show to share with you: Natural Yellow Apatite sourced from Mexico! Yellow apatite is a very rare hexagonal mineral and one of the most important stones for manifestation. It’s the secret weapon for holding your...
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    • Yellow Aura Quartz Point

      for manifesting positivity

      Manifest positivity and let your inner sun shine with this Yellow Aura Quartz Point. Aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent metallic sheen and reflection of brilliant rainbows. Clear quartz amplifies energies and intentions. The aura treatment stimulates...
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    • Yellow Aventurine, Lapis, and Healer’s Gold Self-Empowerment Vogel

      Empower your inner priestess as you prepare for the upcoming shadow season with this Yellow Aventurine, Lapis, and Healer’s Gold Self-Empowerment Vogel. This offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones for this gorgeous 16-sided bonded Vogel were sourced from India. 16-sided Vogels...
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    • Denver Find: Yellow Jasper and Blue Apatite Generator

      for communicating with confidence

      Put faith in your inner power and confidently speak your truth with this Yellow Jasper and Blue Apatite Generator. I’m SO excited to offer this combination for the very first time! When I saw these vibrantly colored generators at the Denver Gem Show, I knew...
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    • You Got This Golden Strength Nellite Sphere

      to empower

      Are you undergoing a period of expansion or change? If so, this You Got This Golden Strength Nellite Sphere will be your ally and guide. I’m bringing this special offering back because it really does make you feel empowered when you hold it. The blues...
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    • Safe Travels Black Obsidian and Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet

      It’s BACK! Get protection on the go with this custom-made Safe Travels Black Obsidian and Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet. I designed it myself to keep you protected during physical, mental, and spiritual journeys. This stretch bracelet features multiple faceted black obsidian rondelle beads, one x-shaped...
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    • Soul Shift April 2022 Tools: Citrine Cabochon

      for manifestation

      Soul Shifters: If you missed out on our Soul Shift April 2022 tools, you can still work with this Citrine Cabochon. This unfaceted triangle cabochon was custom-made just for Sage Goddess out of gorgeous citrine. This piece is meant to be added to the dimensional...
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    • Lux Perfume

      for confidence and empowerment

      It’s BACK! Let the radiance of your confidence shine with this Lux Perfume, one of my first fragrances. It’s handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of lotus for transformation, jasmine for spiritual awareness and abundance, ginger for strength and courage, lime for...
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