• Orange Calcite Heart

      for renewed creativity & pleasure

      $20.44 with cupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This juicy Orange Calcite Heart is here to quench all your creative and carnal cravings. </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">Orange calcite is a stone of endurance, charisma, and sexual energy. It’s an aphrodisiac that activates the Sacral Chakra for intensified creativity, pleasure, and passion. </span></p>
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    • Natural Green Zebra Jasper for motivation and determination

      $2.92 with cupon code
      Do you often feel scattered and ungrounded, unable to complete tasks or projects? If so, this Natural Green Zebra Jasper is your ally. This is a rarity in the gem world, as most green jasper is more commonly offered as tumbled stones. Green zebra jasper...
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    • Shiva Lingam Mini Passion Pyramid

      for kundalini magic

      $7.30 with cupon code
      Magnify your intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure with this Shiva Lingam Mini Passion Pyramid! This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from India. Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful gems on the planet for enhancing sexual energy and...
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    • Tumbled Red Tiger’s Eye: Small

      for power and courage

      $1.64 with cupon code
      This Tumbled Red Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating Root Chakra stone sourced from South Africa that will bring you more vitality, power, and higher consciousness. Red tiger’s eye guides you along the journey toward your highest truth. It helps you access inner wisdom, confidence, and...
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    • Shiva Lingam Gemstone

      for masculine and feminine integration

      $7.30 - $18.25 with cupon code
      <p>Shiva lingam is one of the most powerful gems on the planet for activating sexual energy and attracting a soulmate presence. Known as the sex stone, it activates kundalini energy and increases sensuality, passion, and intimacy.</p>
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    • Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators to arouse the wild within

      $43.80 with cupon code
      Get motivated and get shining with these Dazzling Green Zebra Jasper Generators! A herd of zebras is called a Dazzle - a great word to describe the energy of green zebra jasper! This stone awakens the wild within you, offers inspiration, and helps you push...
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