• Tumbled Green Agate for heart chakra balancing, opening, and healing

    $ 3.00$ 5.00
    Do you feel emotionally blocked and out of balance? If so, working with this Tumbled Green Agate will infuse you with healing. This gem resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings the qualities of love, compassion, and wholeness. These pieces are dyed, which adds to...
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  • Compassion and Kindness Rhodochrosite Bracelets for heart healing

    $ 28.00$ 32.00
    All things heal in time, but in the middle of the process, we often need a gentle touch. If you’re looking to receive heart healing, these Compassion and Kindness Rhodochrosite Bracelets are perfect for you. Rhodochrosite is a healing stone of kindness, love, and self-awareness....
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  • Natural Dalmatian Jasper for self-awareness, playfulness, and grounding

    $ 1.50
    If you’re searching for a talisman that helps you to become self-aware and cognizant of all you’re here to do, be, and create, this Natural Dalmatian Jasper is for you. These natural gemstones come in a range of colors and shapes, lending their raw power...
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