• Natural Brazilian Sweet Dreams Sodalite and Hauyne

    $ 3.00$ 39.00
    The peaceful energy of this Natural Brazilian Sweet Dreams Sodalite and Hauyne is UNREAL. These natural pieces of sodalite are really special, SUPER high grade, and come to us straight from Bahia, Brazil. Each piece contains hauyne, which makes their color dark, rich, and some...
  • Tumbled Pink Moss Agate

    for gentle healing, acceptance, and forgiveness

    $ 2.25
    Could you use a bit more love and self-acceptance? If so, this Tumbled Pink Moss Agate is for you. Pink moss agate is gentle and emits a soft, tender, and loving vibration. This stone is like your favorite blankie in crystal form. Pink moss agate...
  • Picasso Jasper Crescent Moon Bowls for shadow season and lunar magic

    $ 59.00
    Are you looking for a gorgeous space to place your jewelry, crystals, herbs, oils, and other sacred items? Well, your search ends with these Picasso Jasper Crescent Moon Bowls. Resplendent in its craftsmanship, each of these bowls features Picasso jasper lovingly carved in a crescent...
  • Tumbled Orange Goldstone for ambition and abundance

    $ 1.50$ 3.00
    If you’re looking to go deeper into your passions and desires, orange goldstone is for you. It’s known as a stone of ambition and assists you in attaining your goals. Often mistaken for a naturally occurring material, orange goldstone is a man-made stone. It carries...

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