• Palo Santo Incense Cones

    for ancient healing medicine

    These Palo Santo Incense Cones are a must if you’re looking to bring healing to your space. Each of these cones is made of tiny compressed chips of palo santo and smolders with the essence of this holy wood. Palo santo also deepens your connection...
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  • Sage Goddess Illumina Sacred Incense for ceremony

    Sage Goddess Illumina Sacred Incense is made by us in-house, and I will be using it to open our sacred circle each month. This blend was designed to be a ritual opening incense, and this is not a requirement for class, but I really wanted...
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  • Valentine’s Day Incense Sticks for experiencing the scents of love

    Love is in the air – literally, when you burn each of these loving incenses! Select from Kama Sutra incense, full of fragrances to ignite passion and sexual energy; Love Incense, for those looking to find love or enhance an existing one; or Rose, the...
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