• Peach Moonstone Flame

      for creativity & inspiration

      $33.00 - $44.25 with coupon code
      <p>Peach moonstone is a powerful Sacral Chakra gem that boosts creativity and brings artistic inspiration. Flame energy is all about helping you access something deeper, opening something within that may not be accessible to you.</p>
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    • Beltane Flame of Desire Ritual Set

      for ritual with Athena

      $66.75 with coupon code
      Set your soul ablaze with my BRAND NEW Beltane Flame of Desire Ritual Set! May 1 is Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and on that day, we honor nature’s oldest love story. Beltane means “bright fire,” and in earth-based traditions, it represents the marriage of...
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    • Peach Moonstone Heart for Creative Inspiration

      $6.75 with coupon code
      Are you an artist looking for a muse? This Peach Moonstone Heart for Creative Inspiration is here to help you tap into your own well-spring of originality. This gorgeous heart-shaped carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and is a powerful Sacral Chakra gem that...
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    • Infinite Stone Healing Palm Stone

      for total wellness

      $6.66 with coupon code
      Elevate your well-being with this NEW Infinite Stone Healing Palm Stone, custom-made just for Sage Goddess! Infinite stone is a combination of serpentine and chrysotile and holds the magic of both gems plus unique properties of its own. Infinite stone is a powerful master healing...
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    • Natural Sunstone

      for creativity and leadership

      $1.50 - $4.50 with coupon code
      Embrace your inner leader and activate your Sacral Chakra for otherworldly passion, creativity, and pleasure with this Natural Sunstone sourced from Tanzania. Sunstone helps you recognize and manifest your potential and is a great tool for developing organizational skills. When a decision needs to be...
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    • Kundalini Discovery Duo

      for primal empowerment

      $26.25 - $29.25 with coupon code
      Reach all-new levels of spiritual wisdom, creativity, and power with my Kundalini Discovery Duo! You are here to be more. I believe one of the gifts of awakening kundalini is this: The realization that you are vast beyond measure, and this duo is the perfect...
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    • Tumbled Fire Agate: Small

      for motivation and passion

      $1.13 with coupon code
      Step into your power and spur your spirit into action with this Tumbled Fire Agate from Mexico. They say big things often come in small packages, and that’s true for this potent gem. Fire agate is your kickass decision-making and action-taking partner in life. This...
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